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  1. I think it would be better to animate it if its apart of a character. You can use multiple methods including physics(in the animation software) or a curve/ik deform.
  2. Zbrush 4R7 is epic!

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    2. YouGroove


      Just watched some character artists today. I didn't seen the new Zbrush features. Good news 64 bits will get rid of memory management problems also.

    3. nate066


      yep and nano mesh is cool

    4. ChrisV


      Can't wait for it! :)

  3. I think the rock forms still feel a bit soft. I added detail.
  4. YAY, that means i got the asymmetry correct. I used symmetry however i turn it off every now and then so it naturally builds up asymmetry but 90% of the time i use it. Cool thanks for the videos, ill definitely check them out.
  5. nice character and i haven't started polishing the golem with the hard surface brushes yet i just block out the polish with the Hpolish brush which isn't ideal for rock.I still need to go over with the trim dynamic and planar brush. Thanks for all the helpful tips. Yougrove do you have the Orbs_Cracks brush its really great for stylized stone cracks. If you goto to the vimeo site the download link is in the comments section
  6. heres another wip of the creature. i feel like this rock creature would be small like around 3 or 4 ft, What do you think?
  7. Yup its zbrush and heres a updated image.
  8. Hmmm, Any sugestions on how to get my rock golem to look meaner, more fierce
  9. First wip of the new more warrior, better constructed rock golem. Oh and i haven't added the major rock forms on his torso yet.
  10. thanks for the suggestions, before i rig and animate him i think ill try to add a more natrual stone look and ill try to make him look more like a fighter
  11. What do you guys think of my rock golem. I plan on rigging and animating him with basic animations, and once thats done ill upload him to the workshop.
  12. Wow layers in zbrush drastically increases file size but they are awsome

  13. I need to rig a character that doesn't have fingers or toes so how would i remove them from a rigify rig? I tried pressing delete but then when i generate the controls i get a error
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