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  1. Well as all of us still have a life, i can surely understand your needs! Honestly speaking i did not use leadwerks forum since a while so i don't know most of the users.. My goals is fulfill my free time with some interesting project, so of course let me know anything about that.
  2. I know about last community project, i was looking for something similar. I did a lots of game, so is not easy describe "my skills", i love AI, but i work for a small software house (10 persons) so most of the time i need to do many things.. (Gameplay, Ai, Ui, etc..) My known languages are: C++, Java, C#, Ue4 (Blueprints), Basic, Blitz, Js You can also check my linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnny-picciafuochi-3536b318
  3. Hi guys, i am back to Leadwerks! Many months (years!?!?) ago i was a Leadwerks user, now i am back again and i would like join for a HUGE project. My name is Johnny and i am a full time programmer, i have some free time atm and i really want give to Leadwerks engine a great game! Is there any community project or other kind of project in development? Let me know ASAP! Joh.
  4. Hi guys i am looking for the fastest way to know the x,y screen coordinates of a 3d point. Any suggestion?
  5. Nice.. Didn't know about this callback. In past i used another way to render with opengl.
  6. So basically we should just use our opengl command in this callback?
  7. @Josh working with aabb and entity i see a strange issue (not sure if it's a bug, i am back on leadwerks after many months..) i loaded the monstertruck and aabb y0 higher of some vertex position.. It's probably due to tyre but how could i find the correct aabb y0? Also i am working on animation, is there a way to get vertex-bone information? I know my english is bad, i hope you'll understand what i was meaning for.
  8. Ok a fast update.. Modified the code to be faster, fixed some bugs, now voxel are a lot more detailed. Still working on point/cube render. On blank rectangle there is written the number of voxels present!
  9. In a few day i'll be in Dallas!

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    2. Joh



      Our social network will be presented to the world!

    3. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Cool. Good luck with that and enjoy Dallas!

    4. Joh


      I will! :)

  10. You should do something like this to load everything. Framework leadwerks.engine Import "c:\leadwerks engine sdk\bmx\framework\framework.bmx" Include "lua-gluefunctions.bmx" GCSetMode(2) RegisterAbstractPath ("c:leadwerks engine sdk") Graphics(800, 600) 'Create a framework instance called 'fw'' Global fw:TFramework = CreateFramework() If Not fw RuntimeError "Failed to initialize engine." 'Pass to the lua state' SetScriptObject("fw", fw) Global scene:TEntity = LoadScene("abstract::deserthighway.sbx") PositionEntity(fw.Main.camera, StringToVec3(GetEntityKey(scene, "cameraposition"))) '
  11. Roland are you able to read my mind? Simply you written what i was thinking.. I am a bit scary!
  12. @Benton i used library many times, if you need to do a project you have limited amount of time. But this is not my case, i do this for fun!
  13. Ahaha that's why i love my job! That feeling!
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