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  1. Debugging should be relatively easy. With C++ or C# I can redirect the console output of the debug build of the game and read from it. We can toggle a breakpoint with the WinAPI call BOOL WINAPI DebugBreakProcess Enabling debug is done with BOOL WINAPI DebugActiveProcess As long as we set SE_DEBUG_NAME in the debugger we can debug any process.
  2. Also, leadwerks is a decent base for the engine, next gen technologies already built in and it doesn't have as much clutter as other solutions. Writing it from scratch? Simply would take more people than are willing to work on the project.
  3. Well im planing on making it open so people can modify and use if they wanted to, no need to close source unless other people suggest otherwise.
  4. For anyone interested i'm hoping loads of people contribute to the project, I have created a project outline google doc which we can keep updated. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KUHd52Mcnt_4-6AinO8PC46eNWUm_COnhZ9bKKrdg_M/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Lua. I know C++ but I only have indie edition so thats out of the question for the game except for the external mod tools. Right now im learning radiants format and trying to parse it with Lua. Im looking for people willing to commit to creating a good FPS game engine with leadwerks as the base to run the zombies engine. Cant have one without the other.
  6. Im a programmer myself. Im also going to attempt to bring mod support by creating a level loader that can also load from Radiant's map file...
  7. Is there any way with the lua api / indie edition to dynamically create walls and all other bsp stuff at run time? Im trying to work on a different level editor loader... Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm working on a project called Leadwerks Oasis. The project will feature an extremely revamped script editor with intellisense and code completion with built in Leadwerks API documentation. Other features include: Better file management (I seem to be having bugs with Leadwerks file management...) Built in array of file converters to drag and drop convert to a leadwerks format. Easy Leadwerks integration, have both programs running at once. (Program checks for file changes made by Leadwerks) Hopefully these tools will make the community more productive.
  9. To create a game similar to Call of Duty Zombies, a round based zombie game with mod support and custom content. Must have Skype for communication and have Leadwerks Indie edition or full 3.x. Post here if you are interested.
  10. Ever since leadwerks updated my project all the icons on my hud drawn with contex:DrawImage() are transparent in release mode and drawn correctly in debug mode... Any thoughts?
  11. Just a suggestion and really needed feature for instance i have a model that's UV mapped for two textures one is a transparent class one and the other is the base but I can only apply one with leadwerks 3 and the area UV mapped for the glass texture looks like the base texture just repeated... Thanks.
  12. Actually I meant so that we can see all the files and scripts our game uses like App.lua. so Project--App.lua, model.fbx, etc then the standard asset list.
  13. Add a button to open script editor without having to run program first. Integrate a way to run Lua functions async as Lua doesn't have that built in. Possibly a list of assets and actual included assets would be nice as well. More model support! toxic72.
  14. Looks good. But I suggest a lot more tutorials and beginner info. Also collision detection breaks at higher speeds.
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