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  1. To clarify I meant 'pro level' as in high degree of skill, not pro level as in paid to make levels. Skepticism can be a healthy thing. However, when I do go pro you know I'm gonna have to write a rap song about all the haters lol. First line, "I was a scrub now the Steam community showin me love"

  2. My goal is to become a professional level artist within the next 15 months. Place bets now =p

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ..good luck with that..

    3. paramecij


      So far, I think I've only seen character work from you, mostly WIP unfinished pieces, but they were (are) all really awesome.. can't wait to see what you can do with level art, I don't doubt you to be on a pro level in 15 months.. but you getting paid for it is a wild bet. :)


    4. ESP


      Does that hair move?

  3. Pancakes

    Huge levels

    looks cool - but the open world game I want to play is The Witcher 3 - that's going to be the best RPG in PC history. It's going to slap skyrim around like a Borderlands 2 midget
  4. Every RPGamer should play Dragon's Quest 5. Such a touching touching story. And ***spoiler alert**, I'm not the chosen one in this game! Someone else is! atm some pervert has kidnapped my in game wife and kept her for the past 8 years. Gotta save her! brb

    1. Marcus


      So in your recommendation to people to play a game, you give a spoiler? That makes sense...

    2. ChrisV


      Your ingame wife has been kept prisoner for 8 looooooong years, man?? Go get her back! :P

  5. I wanna see some previews of your entries. Back when I was active on blender forums we used to have these sort of things and people were generally pro active with posting previews and with giving each other technical advice and encouragement online. Makes it funner to watch too ^^
  6. uh...I want to make sure you've done it correctly, so that uh, you don't have any issues with it in the future, mind if I check your methods for you? free of charge of course
  7. Well it protects from rug burns, but other than that no. Charm magician is intended to be a high skill mechanic, high risk high reward. If you think the game's too hard you can put on some real armor but don't expect to be able to use Charm spells effectively that's embarrassing to see you say, but thanks =p it's a struggle for me, it's never been easy but it's fun though
  8. Playing DragonQuest 5, I think, "I'm so OP this next boss fight will be super easy," *ten seconds later*, "How am I getting one shotted by a little old lady? How am I supposed to win?!"

    1. Marcus
    2. Pancakes


      I think I noticed, that DQ 5 is balanced so that grinding isn't very effective. The stat increases that you get seem to be HEAVILY manipulated by what point of the game you are in. One minute you are getting plus 15 max HP and plus 9 Attack, the next plus 2 max HP and plus 1 Attack. I had to beat her with strategy. Go figure.

  9. Instead of posting too many pics and pushing other people's post off of the latest page I will post and SPAM here when I feel like it. So here is a reference deformation I made for one of the Charm spells in the game. I won't describe too much about the spell because any self respecting RPG designer keeps their battle system's particulars secret until the last minute. Well I may not be self respecting, and I may not be an RPG designer, but...wait where was I going with this? Oh ya, spamming you. She's wearing Frilly Spandex (armor) which enhances the potency of Charm abilities. Oh
  10. Pancakes

    Dead PC

    aww don't know what I'd do without my pu-pu
  11. Remember when Josh used to leave us terrible- um i mean clever little puns in the status updates almost everyday? What happened to that? Let's get back to that.

    1. beo6


      i think he is busy developing terrain

    2. Pancakes


      ah he should have put pun development as one of the ks stretch goals

  12. Dewin Stuff - Defective Cosplay Sword - $172.00 USD equip requirements : Strength 6 and Dexterity 3 as 2Handed, Strength 14 and Dexterity 9 as 1Handed. Stats : Attack = 10 // All would be successful attacks damage the wielder instead. Flavor Text = "On the bright side, all the blood from your self inflicted wounds will make it look a lot more authentic" OR "Kamehame-aaHHHHHOOW"
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