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  1. josk



    I was assigned to Research Station Alpha a few months ago. Built into a hollowed out asteroid which orbits a star in a long abandoned system light years from Earth. Why i got stationed here when my career is almost at an end is the question I have asked myself many times each day I have been here. I go about my dutys even though the jobs are minimal and just more of the same old. All I remember this day is that I went into a storeroom and then the room shook as the lights went out, I must have hit my head because now I have the most incredible headache which in this case is not
  2. josk


    The first pre-alpha level of LockDown(Escpe Plan) to show the first intergration of the FlowGUI inventory.
  3. Lockdown early gameplay.
  4. First day of the new Year and I am a winner already. Looking forward to the new engine, will carry on throwing things around in 4 til then. Happy New Year
  5. I don't even know what the f*** is going on with all the acronyms
  6. Will take a look, thanks.
  7. Will get from the workshop, thanks for this and the videos.
  8. josk


    If you have not done so already I have used Jumper pathfinding library for LUA and found it worked well and was easy to intergrate. Just search google for it if needed.
  9. Lua, I think it is wise to stick with this scripting language unless something major intervenes. Autocomplete is a must.
  10. I'm one that sits on the sidelines, not much hobby time. I think a template other than FPS would be good even a third person like Torchlight. You could show how to load from one world to another, inventory system, melee and ranged combat. Tower derfense would also be good. A template would have to be pretty complete. Not sure Kickstarter would suceed, Udemy might be the way to go. Getting it advertised on the main LW site would be good with Josh phelping promote it, though that would need agreements in place. I do like the idea of paid templates and add-ons, TD template, inven
  11. josk

    Dwarf Beard

    Looks good, love anything with Goblins.
  12. I'm after one or more small pieces of artwork based around a futuristic mainly tank battle. The basics is a tank firing with the target being some giant walker/mech. Maybe out of focus. maybe a washed out effect. Open to all ideas, This could lead on to a more and/or larger artwork. I have pictures of tank models for the artist to work from and a brief. This is paid work open to discussuion. Message me. Trying here first before other places. Hope this is ok if not delete.
  13. josk

    Scripted Behavior

    +1 for behaviour trees.
  14. Like it, can see this has potential. Ran out of food, died on my way what looked like a berry bush. Is it and can you eat them yet? Maybe change the tree chopping so you chop if mouse is down. Have I just got a lazy finger though? Night came on quite fast the first time so died. Maybe you could have the rain put the fire out so you have to upgrade your fire. Will keep checking on this one.
  15. I would stick the Merc as a DLC for $11-$12. while keeping it on the workshop for $10 to drive people to the workshop that way.
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