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  1. Coincidentally I was just building a pc for the first time in 2 years yesterday. I last built my pc 3 years ago, and while the benchmarks are still relatively good by today standards support for the latest OpenGL drivers is no longer available and I'm stuck at v3 I'm also hesitant about the assumption that more cores means better performance. Not all games\applications take advantage of all cores, and you'll always have you main thread managing the rest. But at the same time, a lot of modern games are far more GPU intensive then they are CPU intensive. Are you using a SSD hard dr
  2. Work smarter not harder. Automating photoshop via actions\script :)

  3. BLaBZ

    A Red Letter Day

    I love the idea of SteamOS taking a punch at the traditional "console" market but I fail to see how this is truly "better" than using a Computer or and existing Console. It seems like this is basically "Steam on TV." I'm excited about it, but I don't really see it competing with Xbox or Playstation. I feel like only extremist gamers will be using SteamOS. Releasing a console every 6 years is really beneficial for developers and users. Games are highly compatible with the hardware and users will know which games will run on their console. I hate reliving the nightmare of purchasing
  4. We're talking about 2 different things, and I think you're both right. Microsoft changes the DirectX API constantly and attempts to be exclusive by forcing people to use DirectX on Windows machines. Windows to this day only ships with OpenGL v1.1. This is a truly pathetic play in the world of forward motion and is still the only reason DirectX is viable option. If graphics cards only had to support one API things would be much simpler on all fronts. By all means, Leadwerks being developed with OpenGL is obvious decision. On the other hand, the .NET libraries are phenomenal and Mic
  5. Wrestling with code... getting little to no where. I hate these days.

    1. Roland


      I often dream the solution. When I wake up I know what is wrong. Works almost every time.


    2. beo6


      I often get the solution when on the toilet. :)

    3. franck22000


      All the solutions come in my head when i am in my bed ready to spleep, so i dont sleep...

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  6. Sorry for asking this ignorant question, but how does terrain exist differently from other meshes? I know terrains are usually generated based on a height map and contain the expected vertex and triangle information but how are they rendered in Leadwerks and most game engines vs Meshes? Is the primary difference in how the Camera culls unnecessary triangles? Why are terrains more efficient for landscapes than meshes? Thanks for answering my silly questions
  7. a machine for penguins?

  8. I would say this is easier said than done. I wouldn't do this with expectation that things will just "take off" because it's the only software like this. People need to become aware of it(marketing) and that can take time and dedication. If it's not something you're passionate about or believe in then I wouldn't start, but if you are then you will have no problem dedicating yourself to this. Just because it's a "good idea" without the drive and passion behind it it won't necessarily become or be a success.
  9. Any good references for Matrix math and their application?

    1. AggrorJorn
    2. BLaBZ


      Curious, do you typically apply transformations in the application or shader?

    3. Josh


      Client side (application). That's info you need for lots of stuff.

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  10. I know I'm a geek because I gravitate towards low level API stuff and trigonometry

  11. Nope. You only have 1 serialize function in which you pass a list of objects that includes everything you want to save. The function then - 1. Uses reflection to determine object composition("has-a" relationships) adds dependent objects to the list then sorts the list from most dependent to least dependent. 2. Using reflection enumerates through each objects properties and saves them(xml or some other format). You also need a deserialize function that then - 1. Reads the xml. 2. Enumerates through each object, and using reflection, instantiates each object and its properti
  12. Hate dynamic SQL but sometimes its the only thing the works well

    1. Flexman


      Can you say, SQL injection? There's a reason you hate it. Execution plans can't be generated for it so it doesn't scale, it's a big security hole and a total arse to debug.


      Unless you're coding classic ASP in which case it's all fine :) As you can't possibly make it any worse.

    2. Flexman


      OMG, I'm sounding more and more like a code-Nazi. Put it down to growing old and turning into one of those grumpy old dudes. "Get off my lawn". I apologize.

    3. BLaBZ


      @Flexman, I agree 100% fortunately this is an internal app.

  13. Great points Flexman! I'm really glad you mentioned this and this should definitely be on the list. I'm a huge fan of the concept of Test Driven Development (TDD). Unit testing creates a big win for code quality. Writing all your tests before even starting development ensure thorough planning and quality.
  14. 3 Years and 35,000+ lines of code later I can look back and see many things I would of done differently. I started my project more than 3 years ago which was when Leadwerks was at version 2.2x and unfortunately I was in to deep to switch to Leadwerks. My software is a game creation tool that is specific to creating Real Time Strategy games like Command and Conquer and Starcraft. I've learned a few lessons about developing game creation software that if I were to do it again I would not skip any of these. Sharing some of these is almost embarrassing but it shows how far I've come as a d
  15. /uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" />

  16. caved, just bought an iphone

    1. Marcus


      My condolences.

    2. Roland


      Even the best man can have weak moments.

    3. ESP
  17. Any tips or links on mobile game marketing?

    1. Admin


      Do you have a game to promote?

    2. paramecij


      Yeah, what kind of game? If it's a micro transactions thing, you won't get any tips from me :P


      I'll roll out my own marketing model.. have a great idea on how to promote and sell at the same time :)

  18. Nothing more frustrating than working with people aren't passionate about what they do.

  19. Is it true that operating systems create unnecessary additional overhead for games?

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    2. Pancakes


      back in Windows 3.1/single core days, yes it was a problem. Also, the general population was even more noobier with PCs so most people had some kind of malware or virus taking up additional cycles while they tried to play their games back before video cards started doing as much as they do now

    3. Rick


      My issue is mostly memory when I run games. People forget 7+ year old machines only came with about 1-2 gig and there are a ton of things always running on PC's these days, and games can eat up a bunch of memory now.

    4. Flexman


      HIMEM.SYS DOS=HIGH, the struggle to get 613k of free conventional memory despite having 2mb of RAM.


      Multi-core? You guys don't know you're born. Memory fragmentation over time is a bigger problem. That's easier to deal with on fixed architecture.

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  20. Congrats Leadwerks! For running a successful Kickstarter Campaign

    1. wayneg


      I'm guessing GUI was 80% funded, and he's thinking about it. Had Paypal option been added earlier who knows.

    2. Pancakes


      Yeah the Kickstarter was a great success, though if the stars and moon had aligned even more I think it could have gone even higher. But we are all thankful for the positive outcome that we got ^^

    3. Pancakes


      yes I said "we", cuz I like to stand in others' spotlight even when its their time to shine

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  21. Just moved to San Mateo CA! 2 Hours from Leadwerks :)

    1. Pancakes


      fyi it's a trap, you'll go in BLaBZ and come out BLaBZ the Intern!

    2. Admin


      Ah ha, but interns never come back.

    3. Chris Vossen

      Chris Vossen

      They never escape!

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  22. Could navmesh pathfinding handle 1000's objects?

  23. Really enjoying learning OpenGL

    1. BLaBZ


      lol I like knowing how things work on a low level

  24. What is a deferred renderer? Why is it a good thing?

    1. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      It saves you A LOT of time , you otherwise waste on endless talks with artist about 'how to get lightmap done'..

    2. YouGroove


      It saves you A LOT of time if :

      You have in the editor, the possibility to place dynamic lights and view them in real time without lauching the game. It's not the cas eactually.

    3. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ...i believe for programmer that's considered not so complex task, to provide for artists such tool..worked very well for me with LE 2.x, and loads of time was saved from endless discussions about lightmaps, UV space for certain lightmapped objects, padding, etc..

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