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  1. Some update. Multiplayer sync for bulletholes. What do you think?
  2. That was done with shotgun. (Weak penetration) Rifles etc... can go through wall easily. So bullet ballistics functions. It's LE 2.5 and Blitzmax Made this easy to use with my functions: CreateBallisticBullet(shooter:TEntity, sound:TSound, rotX:Float, rotY:Float, height:Float) UpdateBallisticBullets(DrawTraj=False) NewBallisticWeapon(name$, magazineSize, caliber$, sound, velocity, bulletDrop) EquipBallisticWeapon(slot) GetBallisticWeaponMagazineNow(slot) GetBallisticWeaponMagazineFull(slot) GetBallisticWeaponCaliber$(slot) AddBallisticBullets(caliber$, amount) ReloadBallisticWeapon(slo
  3. Yes swept collision is on. Problem is that those blocks are destroyable. :/ Blocks are static, but there is no way to make controller be able to interact without a body in blocks.(?)
  4. updatecontroller(player, 0,0,move*12, jump,50, 1, crouch) I tried to turn it to 10, but not change. Edit: with 1000 iterations it slides down but FPS drops very low. (20 fps) Edit 2: Looks like it sometimes gets stuck in the ground when jumping. (Go little bit trough ground)
  5. Hmm... looks like it helps little bit. If i put stepheight to negative values like -0.2, it won't get stuck if i jump to wall and then press nothing it slides down, but when i keep pressing button againist wall it kind of "graps" in wall. If i let go then it slides down again. Very frustrating.. :/ Any ideas? Edit: It penetrates wall when i keeps pressing against it. Any way to avoid that and not letting controller get inside of block?
  6. Yes i have bookmarked command reference long time ago. And yes first one is correct. Controller little bit penetrates the wall.
  7. Maps are made like this. So now when i jump to wall it little bit goes inside of those bodies and won't slide to ground. Help appreciated.
  8. Hi. Just quick question if someone remembers anything about 2.5. I have problem that controller overlaps little bit 1x1x1 sized cube body, so it it kind of gets stuck on those bodies. I am using Sweptcollision(), but it's not helping at all. And there is lot of these bodies in my project. (over 3000) Controller creation: player=CreateController(1.8, 0.3, 0, 45, 1.3)
  9. How i can try another version of FBX? Edit: Found it. Which version would be latest working with gmf? Edit 2: 2010 It is.
  10. So material file should be like this? texture0="abstract::box.dds" shader="abstract::mesh_skin_diffuse.vert","abstract::mesh_diffuse.frag Same problem occurs. What you mean no bones in gmf model? O_o Edit: Looks like it's working like this: texture0="abstract::box.dds" shader="abstract::mesh_diffuse.vert","abstract::mesh_diffuse.frag"
  11. Anyone knows what i am doing wrong when i try to convert fbx to gmf by fbx2gmf.exe? When material is applied to model this happens. It's supposed to be just small cube, but it's... like that... I simply exported to fbx, dragged fbx to "fbx2gmf.exe" and gmf comes out, but model viewer does that. Here is material file: texture0="abstract::animatehuman.dds" shader="abstract::mesh_skin_diffuse.vert","abstract::mesh_diffuse.frag" shadowshader="abstract::mesh_shadow_skin.vert" I am using Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 64-bit. I even tried to use GMF plugin for 3ds max, but same h
  12. Alright it's solved! My code was missing "SetScriptObject("fw", fw)" Thanks for Dennis in Google+
  13. More info! I have been using old "lua-gluefunctions.bmx". When i created new one with this code: Framework leadwerks.engine Import "C:\Leadwerks Engine SDK\BMX\Framework\framework.bmx" Import lugi.generator AppTitle:String = "Create Lua Functions" generateGlueCode("lua-gluefunctions.bmx") Notify("All Done", 0) End Then is compile my project and i get error from new lua-gluefunctions.bmx. "Compile Error Missing function parameter 'extra'"
  14. Waterplane isn't working either... What happened to LE2
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