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  1. Your choice. Just suggesting. But there could be a global parameter to set PhysicsSetPosition() and PhysicsSetRotation() behavior/mode Is "managing secret things" not what game engines do all the time ? LOL I just have the feeling that creating joints is an advanced feature that could look difficult to understand for beginners. Maybe I'm wrong. Don't do it just for me, it's just an idea, not a request.
  2. Woaw this looks sweet ! Is it not possible to keep PhysicsSetPosition() and PhysicsSetRotation() commands and internally call the new SetTargetPosition() and SetTargetRotation() by creating a default Kinematic joint when called the first time ?
  3. Hi. Juste Reading your post. Did you fix the issue ?
  4. had an idea, but my try to reproduce the scene and issue failed. Still curious, what happens if you increase the size (scale) of all objects x10 ... or x100 ? Does it change the result ? In Josh's link they say "make big walls" so maybe the solution is " make big objects" ?
  5. Wchris


    Exactly I find this water more transparent and less reflective (no mirror effect) than the current provided one. But I believe he is not using post-processing and no multiple renders. You are right the principle is the same, but the settings are different and current waterplane has not enough properties exposed to configure it to look like this (and I get lost tweaking the shader directly).
  6. Wchris


    I had exactly the same questions as you some weeks ago, and also tryed cheapwater. I ended up trying to fix an old LE3 widget from Shadmar, my result is here http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14778-why-do-i-get-red-water/ but it is still experimental, I'm no shader guru. But I would prefer and official solution for animated water, because this plugin does not have water physics. I'm 100% sure Josh can do it, he did it in the past but was not satisfyed by the result. He should not be so perfectionist, 90% of people were happy with the solution he had, many event buyed LE2 bec
  7. If you choose category "shaders" and type "all items" you get 2 pages of shaders. But if you click on page 2 or "next page" then category is reset and you will never see page 2 of shaders but page 2 of "all category" Also, tryed to PM you this info, but you did not see it.
  8. yes it works, but I'm just a beginner experimenting things so it's still 99% Shadmar's work, I just tweaked it while learning shaders. I would still prefer LE4 to be natively able to animate the water by providing a listbox under the scene root to add all animated normal maps and handle them itself. The biggest issue is that the water has no physics, it's just a visual, nothing will float and move with the waves. Here is the file : Shadmar_Water_with_examplemap.zip ask me if you need instructions
  9. I know it's from LE3 (the link of the thread where I found it is provided in my first post). I did not find another water shader for LE4 and could not find how to animate current default water in LE4. So I tryed to use this one.
  10. What are the commands for bitwise operations ? I'm a complete beginner, maybe it is worth mentionning these commands in a tutorial. If it is allready in a video tutorial, please point me to it because I missed it and need to rewatch.
  11. I also wondered about this, but in the vertex stader he is adding 10 that's why I substract 10 to cancel this //If an object is selected, 10 is subtracted from the alpha color. //This is a bit of a hack that packs a per-object boolean into the alpha value. if (ex_color.a<-5.0) { ex_color.a += 10.0; ex_selectionstate = 1.0; } ex_color *= vec4(1.0-vertex_color.r,1.0-vertex_color.g,1.0-vertex_color.b,vertex_color.a) * materialcolordiffuse; } I find it very difficult to understand what happens to "alpha chanel-10" once multiplied by the vertex_color and materialdiffuseI But 10 (0000
  12. Hi, I learned some tricks from your tutorial 2, like how to transform a Vec4 into a Vec3.xyz+vec3.a to remove/tweak the alpha channel separately and set it back. I came up with this modification where I re-substract 10 to the alpha chanel to remove Leadwerks "red selection boolean" #if BFN_ENABLED==1 //Best-fit normals fragData1 = vec4(texture(texture15,normalize(vec3(normal.x,-normal.y,normal.z))).xyz,texture(texture15,normalize(vec3(normal.x,-normal.y,normal.z))).a-10); #else //Low-res normals fragData1 = vec4(normalize(normal)*0.5+0.5,fragData0.a-10); #endif It works but I s
  13. Watching shader tutorials

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    2. Wchris


      If we can loop on a texture or buffer we can do multipass and maybe achieve this http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Silhouette-Outlined_Diffuse ?

    3. Wchris


      Oh just spotted you were faster than me http://leadwerks.wikidot.com/wiki:shader-specification :) Also I added questions under 2 of your videos

    4. nick.ace


      Yeah, I may do that. I actually haven't done multipass rendering, but I can learn it and make a tutorial.

  14. Oh tutorial ? is this tutorial from you ? I will definitely watch all those shader tutorial videos and attempt to understand what I do ! Thanks a lot !
  15. After experimenting, it turned out I had to comment those lines to get it working #if BFN_ENABLED==1 //Best-fit normals //fragData1 = texture(texture15,normalize(vec3(normal.x,-normal.y,normal.z))); #else //Low-res normals //fragData1 = vec4(normalize(normal)*0.5+0.5,fragData0.a); #endif I know nothing about shaders, what is fragData1 supposed to do ?
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