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  1. It's been a few years since I've been here. It looks like things are coming along well.

    1. Josh


      What caught your attention to bring you back?

    2. Marcus


      I'm looking at developing a game and have looked around a bit, but I'm considering coming back to Leadwerks.

  2. Any plans for PBR in LE? The results are just astoundingly better at this point.

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    2. Rastar


      I am working on a PBR solution for LE right now. OF course, it's pretty invasive since all (non post-processing) shaders have to be rewritten. Some technical things aer currently missing in the engine to make this look really great and perform well (16bit buffers, sRGB sampling by the GPU), but things are going well so far. Will do some blog posts once I am a little further.

    3. SlipperyBrick


      @Rastar, I really really can't wait to see you're progress man. Very excited!

    4. knocks


      Touch wood the engine supports your efforts in the future.

  3. Marcus


    I would highly recommend staying away from the images. I would prefer just a bulleted list of the topic as a hyperlink. It is a much cleaner look and much easier to see what all of the lessons are about.
  4. I'm really liking the Brackets text editor.

  5. Marcus

    Dev Blog

    I would love the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to any command I like in the editor. I use a Logitech G13 and it is awesome for working in GIMP and Blender.
  6. Is it possible to get a monospace font in scripting editor? Who codes in a non-monospaced font?!?

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    2. macklebee


      its in the General tab - assuming youre using window. linux i believe has an issue with changing fonts

    3. Guppy


      Font changing was disabled in Linux

    4. Marcus


      That would explain my problem in Ubuntu. :D

  7. Marcus

    3.4 Recap and Beyond

    I second this. This is only good for the experienced and I would guess that the market for LE is primarily beginner's and individual developers.
  8. Any ETA on LE3.x for Mac OSX?

    1. Josh


      Right now, my overriding goal is to get more games on the Workshop. So support for Mac in 3.2+ has to be pushed off.

  9. If you aren't using Agile/Scrum and are using waterfall methodologies, you are gonna fail or waste a lot of time.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Guppy


      @Flexman, you can know by introducing them in a timely fashion - It's called job security ;)

    3. BLaBZ


      There's a place for everything and everything has it's place, Knowing when to use what tool is more practical than writing the tool off entirely.

    4. Marcus


      Well, bugs will always sneak through, but they should be a focus in your "definition of done". Testing is normally part of that definition. It is one of the main strategies for decreasing debt during product development.

  10. Any chance of PBR in LE?

    1. Rick


      pabst blue ribbon? that beer is nasty ;)

    2. Josh


      Looks interesting.

  11. Is OpenAL no longer available? I can't launch LE without and I can't seem to find its package. Error: "error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. afecelis


      OPenAl installer is in Leadwerks' "tools" folder

    3. Marcus


      Sorry, I should explicitly day this is a Linux error. Some people probably aren't familiar with Linux so the error might not have been clear.

    4. afecelis


      Which distro? If it's debian-based simply open a terminal and do a:

      sudo apt-get install libopenal0a libopenal-dev

  12. Marcus

    Mac version?

    I'm also really needing the Mac version. I'm doing a lot of travel right now and my laptop is Mac. I would love to utilize my time on the international flights.
  13. It would be great if we could create a community benchmark. I think it would be helpful to see how much functional use we get with certain hardware. I know that a lot of hardware can technically "run" LE3.x, but it would be great to have a reference point for functional use.
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