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  1. That means, that error exception has been occured. There is tow reasons of it 1st - your model. and the 2nd - bug in my exporter. 1st is more likely. What are your trying to export? Is the model animated or skinned? There are some requirements for exporting models.
  2. Hi! All your problems in European nature pack are related to shaders. There is two shaders in pack. Just copy them to LE SDK folder\shaders\mesh\ That should solve all shader and material problems.
  3. If you are using 3ds max (and as I understand you are using it) then you can use "MultiRes" or "Optimize" modifiers for that purpose.
  4. Hi! The exporter exports only triangles and it splits quads or polygons to triangles, because the engine anyway uses triangles. If you open your model in the Model viewer, the number of tris will be the same as in 3ds max. Its an Editor issue.
  5. can you explain more in detail. Is it skinned model or just animated. If you export animated or skinned model from 3ds max with my exporter (http://leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/topic/89-3ds-max-to-gmf-exporter/) then you have to apply material to it to be able to see the model in the engine.
  6. You have to assign textures to your model. Then it will work. Even if you have a one color surface you will need to assign texture with that color.
  7. Yes. The exporter uses 3dsmax obj exporter to get obj files for converting them to phy. I cant access it's properties to set scale from maxScript. You have to set obj scale manually. Just export once any object to OBJ from 3ds max (File->Export selected") and set scale in OBJ Exporter dialog. Then my exporter will use that options.
  8. The problem is in obj2gmf exporter. It merges all objects in one mesh. And uu3d I think does the same. Try to export via FBX if uu3d has fbx export function. fbx2gmf works well in such situations.
  9. Hi! Framework::SetLayerWorld(world); Framework::SetLayer(layer); If we have these functions we will be able to handle multiple worlds with one framework.
  10. Thank you for your quick replies But what if I want to save previous framework worlds and switch bitween them by key press. Or its resource extensive? Its all about main menu I have a main menu as 3d object and some other additional objects with its own lighting and effects, and raycasts performs. I want to place all this to separate world. And when Esc is pressed switch to this world and work only in it. And when back to game switch to game's world.
  11. Hi! It might be a stupid question. Sorry if so But am I able to replace framework's layers worlds? I mean if I create one or more worlds and "fill" them with models. Can I assign this worlds as framework's worlds?
  12. Yep I know that this function will be very usefull! I just almost dont have free time. Ill implement it as soon as possible
  13. I have no idea why they did it. But if skelton is character studio biped, then its not too hard to merge all animations in one. With bones it will be more difficult.
  14. If I use LEO Framework, how can I pass framework to LUA? This doesnt work: Framework *fw1=new Framework(); fw1->Create(); BP L=GetLuaState(); lua_pushobject(L,(BP)fw1); lua_setglobal(L,"fw"); lua_pop(L,1); LoadScene("C:/test/deserthighway.sbx"); It gives me error "Access violation reading location 0x2f005800" on LoadScene function. Im doing something wrong?
  15. That is what I wanted to do. But don't know how to use framework in such system. I would use separate framework for each screen. It would have it's own world with it's own settings. So in main menu I would have one render settings and effects(bloom, refraction etc.) and in game other settings and effects. I understand that I can (and have to) do all that by my hands. But framework is already done, and I'd like to use it.
  16. I wanted to make 3d menu in separate world where I can perform raycasts and animation and have some effects and transparency. I thought using of 2 frameworks is good and simple way of doing this. If I use one framework I will need somehow to move menu entities to fw.main and fw.transparancy worlds and back or show and hide them. Wasting resources is not acceptable. So Ill keep searching suitable solution
  17. I think that phy shape should consist of a few simple convex hulls.
  18. One for main menu. and one for game itself. Or its not reasonable?
  19. Hello everyone! Can I have two frameworks in one program? Thanks.
  20. It seems like windows doesnt allow script to create config file. Its very strange. Ill see what I can do. maybe I can pass conf file creation. Try to run max as administrator. Ive never had such problem.
  21. And check if you have isolated vertexes in your model. You should delete them. Select all vertexes and press "Remove all isolated verts" in editable poly Rollout.
  22. Current version of the exporter works in 3ds max 2010. Actually it works for all versions of max since 3ds max 9 (not 2009) Its max script plugin. So it should work.
  23. Thank you Lumooja. Ive noticed also that sometimes entity of any class in LEO becomes NULL or badptr in some cases. I cant remeber now how did that happen. But I had to use API instead of LEO. And by the way fw.GetMain() is absent in dll framework. And everything works if I use framewerk.cpp (not DLL). I think that something wrong with LEO.
  24. Hi! Ive tried to use framework directly that included in dll. Here is the simple code. When I try to move any camera of any layer the program gives an error. // ==================================================================== // This file was generated by Leadwerks C++/LEO/BlitzMax Project Wizard // Written by Rimfrost Software // http://www.rimfrost.com // ==================================================================== #include "leo.h" using namespace LEO ; int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nShowCmd ) { Engin
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