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  1. Hi Josh! When do you need it? I can try. But not promise.
  2. http://leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/topic/1305-progress-bar/
  3. Oh, what a shame! Such kind of persons make a bad reputation for my people. Damn. Hope I'm wrong and this guy haven't received his license key yet.
  4. Your way would work for simple solutions. But in complex solutions with classes (C++) when for example Source is a member of class, things become more complicated and handling all sources of all objects in scene is very tricky.
  5. Hi! I want to implement an option Sound and Music volume in my game. And Ive found that its not as simple as it should be There is no any global parameter in the engine, only SetSourceVolume. But then I have to go through all my sources and set it's volume. Have anyone done this before? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wow! Very impressive. They have interface very similar to 3ds max cool! (Josh, you should think about it ) Actually all this is possible to do in the Leadwerks engine with some more coding. All that features are very specific per game. Btw how much does it cost? And if they have so nice straightforward work-flow, why do they still do their games so long?
  7. Ive solved flipped images problem by getting and drawing buffer data two times( sorry for my english ) 1. get texture from current buffer 2. draw it to another buffer 3 get the texture from the last buffer
  8. Yes. But I need it after game is restarted. I wanted to make skreenshots for saved games. I can live without it But anyway it would be a nice feature if SaveBuffer supports dds. Ill post it in feature reques if you don't mind.
  9. Hi! As I understand I can't save buffer as dds. Only jpg TGA and png. Just wondering why would I need this function if I don't have ability to use result in the engine? How do you guys convert any kind of images in code while game is running? I need to save buffer to file on hdd. And then later use it in game (Load/Save images). Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, this is exactly the way I go. But the most intersting thing is "some math" I think Ive found solution, but have to test it. Someimes it doesn't work
  11. Hi everybody! Ive got a problem. I'm making a raycast. And if I pick a surface I want to get UV coordinates at picked point. Is it possible to do? Maybe someone already done this before. I have some ideas, but wanted to know your opinion first. Thanks in advanced.
  12. Josh thank you very much for this link!!!! I hate all that new win7 stuff. I cant work in it!!! I have a feeling that Microsoft intentionally made madman UI design. Every time I start working in win7 I go mad and angry. Damn
  13. The sweetest part is automatic LUA scripts generation for custom object attributes!!!
  14. Damn! Ive uploaded wrong pdf. Reuploaded pdf and main archive now. Sorry
  15. Strange... It must be there. Anyway naming convention is objectNameLODxx, xx-level of LOD
  16. NEW VERSION 2.2!!!!! Some new cool features. See new pdf about it.
  17. As I remember he was trying to make it with shaders(but I might be wrong). Anyway I dont remember that he made it to work and included in sdk.
  18. Thank you! Problem is solved. I think I understand now how all this works. INI file contains all initial values. If you dont change them in the editor then values from ini are used. If you change them in the editor then values from sbx file are used. Interesting then how Josh is going to remove ini files from the engine. I saw somewhere he told that.
  19. Hi guys! I have a little problem. I have a model and want to add custom properties to it. Here is LUA file for it require("scripts/class") local class=CreateClass(...) function class:InitDialog(grid) self.super:InitDialog(grid) group=grid:AddGroup("Box01") group:AddProperty("hitpoints",PROPERTY_INTEGER,"","hitpoints") group:AddProperty("type",PROPERTY_INTEGER,"","type") group:AddProperty("Param7",PROPERTY_FLOAT,"","Param7") group:AddProperty("Param8",PROPERTY_BOOL,"false","Param8") group:AddProperty( "BColor", PROPERTY_COLOR, "1" ) group:AddProperty("Param10",PROPERTY_STRING,"","Para
  20. LWE doesnt handle morphing. You have to do it by yourself if you need it
  21. Apply material to it with the same name as you used last time. and dont export materials, only object
  22. Hi! In new version Ive added replacement mode for mat files. So you can choose replace or skip existing mat files. New version is ready, and Im testing it now. I'll post it very soon.
  23. Boot model has isolated vertexes(Vertexes that don't belong to any polygon or edge) Convert it to editable poly, select all vertexes and press "Remove isolated vertexes" in edit vertices rollout
  24. Hi! Because of my bad English I couldn't explain in detail all specifics of exporting. I'll try: 1. Models shouldn't have isolated vertexes. 2. Try to uncheck all checkboxes that you don't need. For example if your model doesnt use smoothing groups. Exporting will take very long time for large models if there is no any smoothing group applied to the polygons but "Export smgs" is checked. Try to use "Auto smooth". If only single material is applied (then you should uncheck mat IDs. Or if you use only 4 or 5 IDs then set maxID number to 5) Don't check vertex color if you don't need th
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