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  1. Converting models is a such specific process. If you want to get really nice quality you have to work on each asset you want to see in the scene. Adjust materials number of surfaces, animations etc. I wouldnt leave this to default scene converter. But this is my opinion I'd really like to have Material editor in LE Editor. Ability to assign and adjust all materials of the models in the scene in real time.
  2. Tried many times with no success. Dwnload stops with error all the time. after downloading complete the file size is 60-80mb. Does updater work? Ive tried it but updating is very slow.
  3. Yes, you are right. After rotating and scaling it a few minutes I saw strange behavior. But itis not sudden changes. The child get smoothly distorted and back to normal shape while rotating (by the way I use LE 2.31) Any way Im glad that you've paid attention to this problem and now you know that it exists Hope this problem will be solved
  4. I don't want waste your time, but could you try this code in main loop: if (Keyboard::IsDown(KEY_T)) { //Axis2.SetRotation(Axis2.GetRotation().X+0.1, Axis2.GetRotation().Y, Axis2.GetRotation().Z); //Axis2.Turn(0.1,0,0); RotateEntityLocalM(Axis2,0.01,0,0); } if (Keyboard::IsDown(KEY_Y)) { //Axis2.SetMatrix(matrixMult(Axis2.GetMatrix(),GetTurnMatrix(0,0.01,0))); //Axis2.Turn(0,0.1,0); RotateEntityLocalM(Axis2,0,0.01,0); } if (Keyboard::IsDown(KEY_U)) { //Axis2.SetMatrix(matrixMult(Axis2.GetMatrix(),GetTurnMatrix(0,0,0.01))); //Axis2.Turn(0,0,0.1); Rot
  5. But why then my approach works perfectly? Try to comment Turn command and uncomment RotateEntityLocalM(...) in my project(I know that its hard to watch the code that you didnt write) It works!
  6. Just wondering has this problem been fixed or at least confirmed?
  7. Ive been having this problem in LE 2.2 (http://forum.leadwerks.com/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3044) I guess the problem appears again. But it only appears if parent entity is scaled. As I remember the problem was in GetEntetyQuat function. It returned wrong data if the object has a parent. Here is the project that demonstrates the problem in detail: Keys: WASD - cam control T,Y,U - turn child entity G,H,J - turn parent entity B,N,M - scale parent entity Q - create helper SPACE - reset all rotations Also there is Rotations.cpp file. There is some math functions that I
  8. Hi all! So, we can load animation sequences and retrieve it's index. But is there any way to remove only indexed animation from the entity? It would be very handy. And by the way, does anybody know how long does it take to load animation? Is there any noticeable delay? And one more thing (I guess only Josh can answer) If I load one animation file several times on one entity, will it be loaded only once and will be index same?
  9. Yes, you have to do LODs by yourself and name it like "myModelLOD1" "myModelLOD2" And then the exporter will automatically create files for them. (You shouldn't select them, only main model) About your second question, I think that it is all about your relationships with your employer. If he doesn't mind your hobby at work, I think, its ok. About Blender: Actually I've already been asked about the exporter for Blender by a few people. I think it's not too hard to make it. As far as I know it has python script language. But I don't have much free time, and I want to push my own game projec
  10. Ive been asked many times to send my exporter files by many people too. But I always refuse them and say get the license and you will get it! The way things are handled now on the forum is great. Even if people can get access to illegal copy of the engine, they still can't get accsess to the most important parts of it: tolls, assets, and (the most important) support. This is good way to make them buy the license.
  11. Hi! I want to make controller to move to some point. PointEntity doesn't work with controller. But UpdateController() has angle parameter. So how can I calculate angle parameter? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Alex.
  12. Damn, it works! Thank you very much man! Ive spent a few hours trying to make it work. I guess its a bug. Need to make bug report.
  13. Hi everybody! As it sad in the topic I can't make it to work. I even tried LE solder. Here is the code I use. Maybe someone have made it to work properly: Model mainModel mainModel.Load("abstract::soldier.gmf"); mainModel.LoadAnimation("abstract::anim_soldier_idle.gmf"); float frame=0; while(1) { frame+=ANIM_SPEED*Engine::GetSpeed(); if (frame>mainModel.GetAnimationLength(1)) frame=0; mainModel.Animate(frame,1.0,1,RECURSIVE); } If anybody know what is the problem, please tell me. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi Gilmer. The code should look something like this: Entity myEntity("abstract::myEntity.gmf"); Mesh myMesh=myMesh.FindChild("myMesh"); Material myMat=myEntity.GetSurface(1).GetMaterial(); Texture tex; tex=buffer.GetColor(); myMat.SetTexture(tex); This is how I did it. Hope it will help.
  15. Pathfinding. Absolutely agree with Rick. Almost every single game requires this. I would buy it if its not too expensive and is convenient to use in LE.
  16. ArBuZ

    SSDO filter

    Actually as I remember Michael makes his plants the way Omid mentioned. One triangle for both sides. Josh almost all plants that Ive ever seen uses only one triangle for both leaf sides. Otherwise poly count will be very huge.(in 3 times bigger)
  17. fallout (1,2) Mass effect (series) Half life (series) Broken sword (series) UFO (1,2,3) very old game
  18. Hi. I think that if the engine supports only dds format then this function must support saving to dds files. I know we can use some library for that, but within the engine it will be much more easy and comfortable to use.
  19. ArBuZ

    Buffer speed.

    I mean you can use one buffer for all windows. And try not to create and free buffer for each window. Just create it once and draw windows there. And clear it between window drawing (not free).
  20. ArBuZ

    Buffer speed.

    Do you really need buffer for each window. What are you doing with all this textures? Maybe create one buffer and draw there all windows?
  21. ArBuZ

    Buffer speed.

    Hi! I have almost the same routine, except I create all buffers befor main loop. And then in main loop I only set them and render. Maybe that is your problem.
  22. ArBuZ

    GMF Optimizer

    Do we need to process all models that we create with this tool? If so Ill add option for my exporter
  23. Try this: string myString; ...... LoadMesh(str(myString.c_str()));
  24. Hi! What are you using for skinning (skin modifier or physiqe) ? 1. The exporter supports only skin modifier, and it must be on top of modifier stack. 2. You have to apply material to a model to be able to see animation in LE (because animation is implemented through shaders). 3. When you want export skinned mesh select only the mesh, don't select bones. Otherwise the exporter will create mesh for bones in gmf file. I think your problem in materials. Just apply standard material and set Export materials option.
  25. sdt::String has c_str() method use it. It should work.
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