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  1. Hi! Sorry for double post, but by mistake Ive posted it in C++ section and as I expected I haven't received any answer. I think only Josh can take care of this. But he is must be busy now and doesn't visit that forum section. Its strange that still nobody have met such problem. This problem even exists for scene entity. Please forgive me for second same post. But I really need some work around on this problem. Thanks in advanced. Here is the problem: If I have an object (for example Cube called "mesh") parented to some other object (another cube called "ground"). In main lo
  2. They can not. I guess, this post was moved from general discussion board. Now if he wants to have an answer, he have to buy the engine
  3. Maybe SetEntityTarget() will be suitable for this. Also as I remember it automatically handles deleted entities. So if you delete the tower and the beam, GetEntityTarget() of the second tower will return NULL.
  4. If I have an object (for example Cube called "mesh") parented to some other object (another cube called "ground"). In main loop I make ray-cast (camera pick). The both cubes are visible and they are visible for ray-cast. Now I hide the cube "mesh" (the child). And it is still visible for ray-cast!!! Its not a big problem in the example. But I want to hide different parts of some model, and make this parts unavailable for ray-casting, but the rest of the model should be visible and available for ray-casting. As I understand this problem is consequence of new octree culling system
  5. Hi! in LE 2.3 in LEO there was the command Draw::GetFontHeight() But now there is not. is there any analog of this command in LEO in another place? [EDIT:] Ah.. Iv found it in LEO::Font class! Damn, I have to fix my code now.
  6. Actually it is already supports automatic generation of lua files It passes all user defined properties in lua file. So in the editor you can edit them. I described this process in pdf.
  7. Why 10 yars old? Im excited about 15 years old games :) Fallout, UFO.. Ehh.. It was a good time

    1. Thomas


      Duke Nukem!

  8. Does anybody have any problems with this tool? Or maybe someone has suggestions about functionality. Im going to make new release with some fixes and one new option.
  9. Hi all! I wonderig will LE work on Asus EeePC 1201N ( http://www.liliputing.com/2010/02/asus-eee-pc-1201n-review.html ) It has nvidia ION GPU. Of course this is not going to be my primary machine. Jus for road trips (Summer time ) I want to always have the ability for coding I could write little chunks of code on it. And model some simple models.
  10. I dont know if it helps, but I can assure you that the exporter for max works perfectly. It supports all features related to exporting process( geometry, animation, skinning, materials, and even more!) And if you will find any usefull feture that exporter doesn't support, I will do my best to implement that feature.
  11. How do you export from 3ds max? I tried to export simple spher via my exporter and via fbx and all works fine. All mapping is correct(it looks like yours) and in the engine it shows correctly. Maybe the texture is the problem?
  12. Roland the error occurs in the main loop and not in the end of program. But I had such problems as you described and solved it as you pointed. Thanks. Rick, you are absolutly right about push_back command. Pointers solved my problem. Lumooja I like to use pointers but need to be more cearefull. And I dont see -> sign is so ugly I can live with it.
  13. I thought isReference is used to prevent this.
  14. First thanks for your time. Well, if I change it to Sound& myClass::GetSound(void) const then nothing plays at all. But!!! If I use TSound instead of LEO::Sound then everything works very fine! So I guess its LEO issue, isn't it?
  15. Nope. Even if comment out sound.Free() in the destructor, I get the same error
  16. Hi! I have some problems with using vectors. And for showing my problem, Ive made some simple example. I have my own class "myClass" This class has Sound attribute as protected member: class myClass { protected: Sound sound; public: myClass(std::string soundPath); myClass(); ~myClass(void); Sound GetSound(); }; myClass::myClass(std::string soundPath) { sound.Load(soundPath); } myClass::~myClass(void) { sound.Free(); } Sound myClass::GetSound() { return sound; } In main loop I try to collect "myClass" objects to a vector and access the sound for creating source via the
  17. Hmm, Im quet sure I have LE 2.31 now (At least I used updater to get it). Maybe it has been fixed for 2.32. I havent downloaded it yet.
  18. I'm not sure if this is related to current topic, but Entity::LoadAnimation() command in LEO returns boolean while it should return int - index of loaded sequence.
  19. Im not sure but try to pass pointer to void Level::ActivateTrigger(Trigger &trigger) function. void Level::ActivateTrigger(Trigger *trigger) and in the function use ->
  20. Hi. Just tried new LE version. The zone is great! The one thing that Iv noticed is some problem with lights. When I look at some light and then turn out from it the light switches off. And when I turn back to the light its turned off for a second or less and then it turns on. As I understand its some kind of optimization, but this is very noticeable. Also only with this scene I finally could see the bloom and HDR effects in action. And actually I can't understand how does it exactly works. Is there any info to read about them?
  21. I didnt understand your problem in detail, but SetEntityCallback(entity,NULL,ENTITYCALLBACK_COLLISION) - disables callback.
  22. one more way to calculate frame is calculate it based on animation speed in fps. For example you have animation that is made as 30 fps animation. Then frame will be: frame+=30*(Engine::GetTime()-prevAnimTime)/1000.0; Animate(frame); prevAnimTime=Engine::GetTime(); Then your animation will always be played 30 frames per second.
  23. Its a constant. any number you wish. Yep.
  24. Hi Shard! I think that in case of none loop animation you should calculate frame the other way: frame=StartFrame switch(state){ case reload: frame+=ANIM_SPEED*Engine::GetSpeed(); Animate(); if (frame>=EndFrame) state=anotherState; break; }
  25. Hi Gilmer! First of all, check the model for isolated vertexes. The second, try to replace MeshSelect and PolySelect to EditMesh and EditPoly If this won't help please send me your files, if you can. By the way Im sure you know, but any way to check the model for isolated vertexes go to Vertex sub-object level in Editable poly. Select all vertexes and press RemoveIsolatedVerts button in properties rollout.
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