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  1. What kind of problem did you have with exporting from max? LE tools for 3ds max that I made work fine almost for everyone here. There are a lot of very useful features in the exporter that you will not find in any other export pipeline. Also I'm always ready to help But Ive never seen your posts about your exporting problems. In almost 90 percents the problem is in a model and not in the exporter.
  2. Hi. As sad in the topic after I call ClearAnimation() command I can't load any animation later. Is this expectable behavior. LoadAnimation() returns some index, like it loaded some animation. But Animate command doesn't do anything.
  3. Wow!! Just downloaded a demo. I should check this out. Besides this soft was made by russian guys. So I think I must buy it and support this project
  4. ArBuZ


    I use such method of calculation current frame: frame1+=AnimSpeed*(Engine::GetTime()-prevAnimTime)/1000.0; if (frame1>=frameEnd) frame1=fmod(frame1,(frameEnd-1)); model.Animate(frame1,blendAmount,curAnimation,RECURSIVE) prevAnimTime=Engine::GetTime(); AnimSpeed is a speed of animation in frames per second. If it reaches the end of animation it loops to new frame from the beginning with corresponding offset.
  5. Actually, there are many tutorials and lessons about correct modeling, skinning, rigging and animating out there in the Internet. The rules are the same in almost all cases. And actually you might even don't know which engine you will use but you always have to be able to see if your model is correct. It comes more from the experience than from tutorials. Anyway, if you have the problem with particular model and cannot solve it, I can try to help and take a look at the model and say what is wrong. I'm always open for conversations, and always glad to help. Start from screen shots. Or y
  6. thinks that light blue color of all links on the site is hard to read. And checker background of topicks makes things messy

    1. ArBuZ


      Now it looks much better. I like it. Ive always been impressed how such little things can change the whole effect. Thank you very much! :)

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  7. Glad to hear that you solved the problem! Anyway if you will have any questions regarding the exporter, feel free to ask me any time
  8. Hi Gilmer! Its quiet strange issue you have. I think the problem is in skin modifier and it's settings. Check the option to use maximum 4 bones per vertex. It should be somewhere in the skin modifier. If you will have no luck, I can check your model if you like. PS. Hope I understood right and you used my exporter to export the model.
  9. At home I have a code that makes exactly what you want. I can post it when I get home if you need it.
  10. this should help: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd162611%28VS.85%29.aspx [edit] and this one : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms812499.aspx
  11. Great job man!!!! Very appreciate it! Thank you.
  12. The exporter makes it this way: it exports a model to OBJ file (using settings of OBJ exporter used last time) Then it runs obj2phy.exe to convert obj-file to phy-file. So what exactly do you have? Does obj2phy dos window appears during exporting? Check if you have Obj2phy.exe in scripts\sturtup folder? And check the 3dsmax OBJ exporter settings (just export something to obj one time. Then the exporter will use these settings).
  13. ArBuZ

    ZBrush Art

    Looks cool! Reminds me Hans Giger's art very much. I like it.
  14. VPN and terminal access are a great things!!! I'm sitting at home and can work on a machine that is placed at my work. Fantastic!!!! lol

    1. wh1sp3r


      yeah, It's nice. I have windows mobile phone and i can connect to my desktop from mobile :) it's pretty dast, i like it.

  15. ArBuZ

    Alien Swarm

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the info Rick. Ive never had deal with Source engine. The game is really nice. And its really interesting to know how are such games made. Will try to dig into it Gonna take on my miner's helmet and become "Code digger"
  16. ArBuZ

    Alien Swarm

    Has anyone looked sdk? I cant figure out where to start look from Server and client are dll's on output. Where is main game files. There is about 4500 source files in the sdk!!!
  17. So, basically it just bakes GI to maps, right?
  18. Works nice on my PC. 20 - 25fps with 1280x1024 with everything on except wireframe. Nice work by the way
  19. its about world updating. http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Worlds#UpdateWorld If you use framewor.Update() it will call world.Update(Engene::GetSpeed()) for each world. The physics in this case will be frame independent. So for example if your program is out of focus, and then in focus again world.Update() will update physics to correspond the time that the program wasn't active. This means that all forces will be multiplied by the delay of the program. It is like physics didnt stop while the program is suspended. I hope that I explained it clear ( Sorry for my English ) If
  20. Hi! I think Ive found the problem. In Frward() you record body velocity. But in Rewind() you Set body force. Replace it to SetBodyVelocity() and it should work. [Edit] And also you should replace frameWork.Update() to: frameWork.main.world.Update(1); frameWork.background.world.Update(1); frameWork.transparency.world.Update(1); If you call just frameWork.Update() it will work as Rick mentioned.
  21. You shouldn't select lod object in max. Only the base object. The exporter exports LOD only if selection count == 1 unless you check Export to separate files.
  22. ArBuZ


    Its very nice and interesting concept!!(underwater game). I remember there was a game Deep Fighter. It was very exciting. Looking forward to see more on this. Nice music btw. Though its more space then aqua
  23. IK is just a method (technique) to animate your model. In sense of creating animation in 3d modeling program it has nothing to do with AI. There are just two basic animation techniques in 3d modelling/animating world of tools. Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics. In first way when you're moving Parent the child goes with parent, and if you animate child it doesn't affect the parent. In the second way (IK) the child movements determines the parent(s) positions and rotations. In our case in 3ds max or any other program you can use any way of animating methods. In the end the exporte
  24. There is only one power netbook I could find. It is ASUS Eee PC 1201N.
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