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Status Updates posted by ArBuZ

  1. Just a thought: First PC was made aproximately in 1985 - 25 yars ago(9125 days). Today my antivirus says that it knows 4158330 viruses. Its about 455 virus per day!!! Wow. (it doesnt even consider that my AV exists since 1997)

    1. Flexman


      But can you count them?


      The IBM PC is a bit older than that, my first BIOS chip (which I still keep much to my wife's probable annoyance) has 1979 stamped on it.


      Boys do like to break other peoples things. Imagine how different anti-virus software would be if computers were seen as a girl thing.

    2. Pancakes


      it's not too hard to believe, each virus represents a moment in time when one human being wished mischief to another

  2. thinks that light blue color of all links on the site is hard to read. And checker background of topicks makes things messy

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    2. ArBuZ


      Now it looks much better. I like it. Ive always been impressed how such little things can change the whole effect. Thank you very much! :)

  3. VPN and terminal access are a great things!!! I'm sitting at home and can work on a machine that is placed at my work. Fantastic!!!! lol

    1. wh1sp3r


      yeah, It's nice. I have windows mobile phone and i can connect to my desktop from mobile :) it's pretty dast, i like it.

  4. Why 10 yars old? Im excited about 15 years old games :) Fallout, UFO.. Ehh.. It was a good time

    1. Thomas


      Duke Nukem!

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