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  1. Just realized you can't open patch @DereKC. Slight changes made to Makefile.osx # -*- Makefile -*- # Mac OSX makefile for FreeImage # This file can be generated by ./gensrclist.sh include Makefile.srcs # Find SDK path via xcode-select, backwards compatible with Xcode vers < 4.5 MACOSX_SYSROOT = $(shell xcrun --show-sdk-path) # Specify deployement target here MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = 10.11 # General configuration variables: CC_I386 = $(shell xcrun -find clang) CC_X86_64 = $(shell xcrun -find clang) CPP_I386 = $(shell xcrun -find clang++) CPP_X86_64 = $(shell xcrun -find clang++) MAC
  2. All patches created. The 0006-Makefile.osx.patch should be all you need to do to create dylib @DerekC 0002-segdec.patch 0002-segdec.patch 0003-gzguts-h.patch 0004-gzlib.patch 0005-JXRGlueJxr.patch 0006-Makefile.osx.patch
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