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  1. Sorry it was still in Draft mode. Try now.
  2. Ok not going to lie, Yesterday was the first time I actually tried getting into C++ programming. With the UAK. Or any C++ period. It always seemed scary to me. This may me due to my bad memory. Example I have been dealing with the computer since I was about 12. I am 52 now and to this day I still have to look at the keyboard to type. Not to mention never remembering what C++ commands there are. So managed to have the App look for theme pref file. If not, theme selector will pop up. Then it will save your selected theme to preference file. Every time you run the App it will always load
  3. Just wondering does it update it's self, cause I never actually see any thing that say's 'Update'. Just always say's 'Launch'. Just noticed in Steam Settings 'Always keep this Game Updated' so I guess it is Automatic.
  4. Snowboarding cool. Ok thanks.
  5. Just wondering if we will be able to scale the GUI like this. In UAK. GUI Scaling in Blender3D I am thinking of an app where you can maybe press Shift+Ctrl and the + or - on numeric key pad to scale UI or Shift+Ctrl and the Middle mouse scroll wheel to scale UI at any time you feel like scaling the UI. Also will a version number be added soon to the UAK Hub. I am not sure what version I am using. Even though I believe it is still Beta? Almost forgot, one of the things I really love in software is perhaps a link 'Check for updates' that would be cool.
  6. OK finally got it thank you.
  7. Sorry to bother you again, but I did have the steam key it is the download UAK beta link I am looking for. It says 'There are no apps with access to your account.' But in my purchases it is there.
  8. I also purchased UAK. And would really like to have access to the Beta. Do I have access to it somewhere? Or is it possible to have access to it?
  9. Just purchased the Leadwerks engine Professional few days ago in hopes that I would have access to Ultra App Kit Beta download. But still nothing. Do people who have purchased the Ultra App kit have access to a download for the beta some where?
  10. I think Leadwerks 5 should be built with Workspace Tabs (Like in the new Blender3D). So when Leadwerks 5 runs it starts with a Default workspace tab. Then you can create and save or load work spaces. Each work space is a custom setup of windows you want open, windows or panels positions.Ex. one work space could be set up to center selected model on screen at all times with only one view port open. With tools panels to work on model. Adding this will take more memory, but that will be the choice of the user. Another good example is a workspace for working on terrain. You customize your work spa
  11. Does this use vector graphics?
  12. I purchased directly from Leadwerks Store Website. There was only the Utra App Kit software option.
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