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  1. I already found the solution, I needed to create a lua script on my npc and referred the selft.entity to a variable to be its name function Script:Start() BigAlien = self.entity end so now i can use for example BigAlien:SetColor(0.0,0.0,1.0) BigAlien:SetRotation(0,-180.0) with a lua script on any npc or object I thought that after putting the model on the map and I just needed to put its name (crawler) but no I need to reference the self.entity inside it to name it in the end now everything makes sense......😁
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble understanding the syntax. how do I reference an actor or 3D model on the map using the (lua)? in c# i would do something like that crawler.transform.translate (-0.05f,0,0,Space.self); but I just don't understand how to apply this to Leadwerks (LUA) I don't want to use "self.entity" because the script is not attached to the "crawler" can someone explain this syntax to me better? thanks suppose i have to create a variable and attach the crawler.entity or something? function Script:Start() entity = crawler crawler.entity:Se
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