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  1. But I do not understand. Whay are you telling me i have to understand something that you think i do not understanded? What it has to do with what i said before..... can you elaborat?
  2. I do do net understands what you mean. Can you erabolate?
  3. so if i mae small application with few lines of code i need to ship entire gmae engine with it?
  4. Any plans to support LUA for Ultra App Kit ? I remember it was one of the funding goals. If it can work nicely I think it would make your product much more accessible.
  5. Is ultra engne going to support subsurface scattering for human skin out of the box? Is ultra engine going to support some kind of realtime volumetrics out of the box? Is ultra engine going to support screnspace effects like subsurface, reflections, refractions, contact shadows? Is ultra engine going to support raytracing? Generally, what kind of features graphics-wise are we going to see? Is there some posts or showcase about this? Maybe take unreal engine as reference, is ultra engine going to be comparable to that in some ways or is ultra engine just Leadwerks again with
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