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  1. everything is default both leadwerk and steam are in default steam locations
  2. it can't find leadwerks.h file still steps to reproduce: download example project open sln with vs 2019 build solution error can't find leadwerks.h here is a screen grab of included directories for me with that project:
  3. the default paths in the app.h are wrong for the steam version also for leadwerks.h cant find file any help with this. using vs 2019 everything is the default and i have used the example project whats gone wrong with this.
  4. thanks josh i own leadwerks on steam too great stuff. i guess use opengl render for the sprite drawing for a basic 2d platformer?
  5. Hi, have a few general questions. I bought this on steam does that mean i own it forever or is it a rolling payment? also wanted to have a go at a basic 2d engine opengl based any recommendations.. i only just purchased this. thank for any and all help eoin
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