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  1. on kubuntu latest using the official install of steam the auto generated makefile wont build because of file structure changes. take a look at the screenshots below for fix. it's '/Release/AppKit.o' - this was the only way i could build for linux can you push out a fix for this as it will pee people off and is an easy fix. or at least mention somewhere how to build this with configname Thanks.
  2. #include "UltraEngine.h" using namespace UltraEngine; int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { //Get the displays auto displays = GetDisplays(); //Create a window auto window = CreateWindow("Ultra Engine", 0, 0, 640, 480, displays[0], WINDOW_TITLEBAR | WINDOW_CENTER); //Create User Interface auto ui = CreateInterface(window); //Create buttons int x = (window->ClientSize().x - 120) / 2; int y = 350; int sep = 0; auto button = CreateButton("CONVERT", x, y, 300, 60, ui->root); y += sep; while (true) { const Event ev
  3. https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/RequestFile the documentation is not great here am trying to pass in a file any file so I can convert with FFmpeg just need an example of request file that will accept any file extension on Mac OS big sur. thanks
  4. #include "Libraries/box2d/include/box2d/box2d.h" sorry i found it
  5. for example how do i reference it in code can we get an example for this. Also whats 2dkit and is it nearly finished
  6. everything is default both leadwerk and steam are in default steam locations
  7. it can't find leadwerks.h file still steps to reproduce: download example project open sln with vs 2019 build solution error can't find leadwerks.h here is a screen grab of included directories for me with that project:
  8. the default paths in the app.h are wrong for the steam version also for leadwerks.h cant find file any help with this. using vs 2019 everything is the default and i have used the example project whats gone wrong with this.
  9. thanks josh i own leadwerks on steam too great stuff. i guess use opengl render for the sprite drawing for a basic 2d platformer?
  10. Hi, have a few general questions. I bought this on steam does that mean i own it forever or is it a rolling payment? also wanted to have a go at a basic 2d engine opengl based any recommendations.. i only just purchased this. thank for any and all help eoin
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