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  1. Just to say i finally got it runing, not really sure how but i got there
  2. Okay so i managed to get it to advance to opening the leadwerks launcher, however when i try to ope it i now get an error message saying steam read error.
  3. Okay so i installed the openAL from a link on here and cannot find it within the file folders within the steamapp files I have tried searching openAL and when i go in the folder there is only text files. what am i doing wrong. Sorry to be a massive pain
  4. Okay cool ill try installing that too, yes this is on Windows 10, do you want my PC specs at all?
  5. So i as the title says i cannot get leadwerks to launch, i have previsouly used it on this rig with no issues. I recently updated my harddrive and re-installed and now i cannot get it to launch. I have tried validating the files and manually installing the openAL with no luck. I am not a technical genius i will admit. Upon launching i get the window telling me steam is launching the game then it disappears and after that nothing. I have looked through the forums which is were i got the previous two ideas. I have also updated all my drivers including sound drivers as i have had that cause issue
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