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  1. I haven't seen anything in the docs to make a window always on top? Am I just missing it? Thanks!
  2. My bad, I was putting my email in the user name spot of UAK. UserName != Email
  3. I reset my password for UAK and now I can't login. Is there a delay for new passwords to take affect? It has been about 20 mins so far. Thanks.
  4. Perfect, I was looking at adding that library, now that I know it is in there I can use it! Thanks again for such a cool tool kit! I added my review to steam.
  5. I know UAK uses JSON for themes. Is there a utility in UAK for reading and writing JSON?
  6. It would be really nice to be able to set the Notify and Confirm window positions! Currently they pop up in the middle of the screen and I would like them to pop up in the middle of my application.
  7. Ok, I am getting the hang of custom widgets! Thank you @Josh for posting the widget code on Github! Seeing how you did the original ListBox has really helped me start making my BillListBox. Now each property of a bill is it's own Block in the row and I can adjust the width of each to format the text instead of relying on boost::format( ) since that didn't work with non monospaced fonts.
  8. Would I end up making two custom widgets? One that is like a ListBox to hold the bills and another that is like a WidgetItem to represent the bill? P.S. I am enjoying C++ again thanks to UAK
  9. I too am begging to be able to change the font of UAK. I was playing around making a bill app and wanted to display more info in a ListBox. Ok I thought this would be easy and made a formatted toString() function for my Bill object. The string formatting doesn't work because the font isn't a monospaced font. So the 90 char width I give for the bill description is different pixel widths depending on the content of the description. Without the ability to change the font UAK uses does anyone have another solution to my ListBox problem? I am guessing I will have to make my Widget to hold rows
  10. Hi I am new at Ultra App Kit. I am trying to set the background color of a textarea widget and it doesn't seem to be working. // Create output pannel auto panel = CreatePanel(0, menu_sz.y, sz.x, sz.y - menu_sz.y, ui->root); auto panel_sz = panel->GetSize(); panel->SetColor(0, 0.08, 0.002, 1); panel->SetLayout(1, 1, 1, 1); // Create text area auto text_area = CreateTextArea(10, 10, panel_sz.x - 20, panel_sz.y - 20, panel, TEXTAREA_WORDWRAP); text_area->SetColor(0, 1, 0); text_area->SetLayout(1, 1, 1, 1); As you can see it is as if it ignores the t
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