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  1. The attached main.cpp generates a simple window with a textarea and some blind text. The issue with scrollbar is present here as well. main.cpp
  2. I'm gonna prepare an example. In the meantime I was able to reproduce the issue with the scrollbar generated as part of the tree view, if the amount of displayed nodes exceeded the widget's height. I solely used the example from the docs for this.
  3. I forgot to mention that using the trackpad to scroll (using a Mac in my case) isn't working very well, too. I guess its the same as with the mousewheel.
  4. I've noticed some issues with the scrollbar of textareas. For better understanding I recorded everything and attached it as gif. If its important: the textareas content is a textfile's content, extraced using ReadFile(path)->ReadString(). Please note that the part of "what happens when scrollbar is clicked above the thumb" is demonstrated in the part hat shows what happens if the arrow-buttons at the scrollbar's edges are clicked - my bad.
  5. I noticed that that the text of Panles with style PANEL_GROUP is affected as well. See the screenshots (1080p monitor, scales: 100 -> 125) Have also a look at the menu items. While the space between them is too big, beginning with the 125 scale the labels are cut off again. It feels more prominent without having the hover-highling like in the screenshots of my previous post.
  6. Hi there, I recently noticed an issue with the menu items: Their width is shrinking if the DPI scale increases. Its quite prominent as the items' labels are not shown completely anymore. I tested the occurrence of this issue on a 2160p monitor (150% default scale) and a 1080p one (100% default scale) with differenct scales. For the tests I created a fresh project and used the code from the DPI Scaling tutorial. The mouse hovered over the first menu entry while generating the screenshots for you to see the width of the menu entry relative to the window title. They are ordered by DPI s
  7. Awesome! Many thanks Yep, completely forgot to append one in my first post. It shows the project manager as it starts with the default resolution 1280 x 800 (Retina) -> scaled by 2. By setting the display resolution to its native size of 2560 x 1600 it looks better (screenshot 3). After having it started this way and the changing the resolution back to 1280 x 800 the window is a little bigger but still good (screenshot 4). I've also noticed that the "x"-Icon of the close-button in the upper right of the window is missing (screenshot 2).
  8. Great to see UAK is coming to macOS and Linux :) I've installed the beta on my 2013 MB Pro with a 13" Retina display and noticed two issues with the login window and the project manager: they seem to have scaling issues with retina displays - on the internal display of the mpb its twice as big, but when I attach my non-retina Thunderbolt Display it scales correctly pressing the command key makes them crash
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