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  1. Awesome! Many thanks Yep, completely forgot to append one in my first post. It shows the project manager as it starts with the default resolution 1280 x 800 (Retina) -> scaled by 2. By setting the display resolution to its native size of 2560 x 1600 it looks better (screenshot 3). After having it started this way and the changing the resolution back to 1280 x 800 the window is a little bigger but still good (screenshot 4). I've also noticed that the "x"-Icon of the close-button in the upper right of the window is missing (screenshot 2).
  2. Great to see UAK is coming to macOS and Linux :) I've installed the beta on my 2013 MB Pro with a 13" Retina display and noticed two issues with the login window and the project manager: they seem to have scaling issues with retina displays - on the internal display of the mpb its twice as big, but when I attach my non-retina Thunderbolt Display it scales correctly pressing the command key makes them crash
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