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  1. Oh yeah stupid from me. Thanks!
  2. Is there a way to make this space smaller? I tried changing the padding but that didn't help. This is my code: auto treeview = CreateTreeView(10, 10, sz.x / 4 - 20, sz.y - 20, ui->root); treeview->root->AddNode("image1.jpg"); treeview->root->AddNode("image2.jpg"); treeview->root->AddNode("image3.jpg"); treeview->root->AddNode("image_that_has_a_long_name.jpg"); treeview->root->AddNode("image_that_has_an_even_longer_name.jpg");
  3. I think I didn't explain well enough what I mean. I want to have my opencv window inside my ultra app kit window. Not my ultra app kit window inside of my opencv window.
  4. OpenCV has a method to receive the HWND. But I don't really get how I can change this with the opengl example.
  5. I saw the OpenGL example with the Ultra App Kit. Currently I have my OpenCV window instead of OpenGL and I am trying to get this into my Ultra Game Kit window. How can I go about this and get this done?
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