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Erwin Saavedra

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  1. hi guys, i created an app and placed an imgui inside a window. it works during launch, i'm able to interact with the imgui widget, but the moment i leave the area, it becomes unresponsive. i am able to interact with utlra app kit widgets, but the imgui ones become unresponsive. the app works fine it doesn't crash or anything, and the ultra app kit widgets remain responsive as normal. any ideas why does the imgui window becomes unresponsive after the cursor leaves it? thanks!
  2. hey guys, got it to work in CLion with this (debug): project(ultra00) include_directories("C:/Program Files/Ultra App Kit/Include") include_directories("C:/Program Files/Ultra App Kit/Include/Libraries/FreeType/include") include_directories("C:/Program Files/Ultra App Kit/Include/Libraries/sol3/include") set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 17) add_executable(ultra00 ultra00.cpp) add_definitions(-MTd) add_compile_definitions(ultra00 _ULTRA_APPKIT) add_compile_definitions(ultra00 _DEBUG) target_link_libraries(ultra00 "C:/Program Files/Ultra App Kit/Libs/Win64/App Kit_d
  3. ohh ok i'll keep trying and report any findings, thanks!
  4. hi guys, does anyone knows how to configure the project using cmake? thanks!
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