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  1. Heyho I need some help about using Animations in Leadwerks, so i have a weapon model and i want to import it with some animations like reload animation. But i dont understand how to properly do that, i tryed some different ways to do it, like importing the model and then clicked on Load Animation and selected a model with the bones and the reloading animation, but it says "Failed to load animation". Both the weapon model itself and the reload animation have the skeleton. Can someone give me an exact "tutorial" / Can someone explain me exact how to do it. Thank you!
  2. Heyho! Ive got a problem with the Leadwerks Game Launcher, and i dont know what is causing the problem. When i try to launch my game that i uploaded it starts and then even before the menu is loaded it closes its self, and i dont know why. In the engine it works all fine and i have no errors. If you want to test it the game is called "BLACK SOUL [BETA]", it should be under the newest uploads, you may have to search a bit bcs i dont have an image for the game yet. *Sry for my bad english, im a German and i cant speak english xd*
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