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  1. While of course this would be great it would probably be limited in functionality and using for example something such as sfml2 for audio could be sufficient especially in case of ultra appkit as from my understanding it aims to be a cross platform UI toolkit.
  2. partially yes, partially no as this would limit me to handling and displaying router through tabs. What I'm rather seeking is a simple sceneview system which I myself then could design as in "this button or this action will lead you to this view", in other words a similar design to websites with navbars, hamburger menus and such used to decide what to display.
  3. Is there a predefined way to have like multiple views and switch between those e.g. switching between different user interfaces? As of now I only see a tricky way of doing something along the lines of this: ui->Hide(); ui->Clear(); ui2->Show(); ui2->Draw();
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