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  1. Emoji's are working ok so will use these. I have linked up the toggle to give a grid onto the openGL screen. This can be toggled on and off with the tool button.
  2. Your application compiled ok, so there is something in the code I wrote or a setting I need to look at.
  3. yes, it appears in visual studio as do emojis from windows. It asked me if I wanted to convert the unicode, and i clicked on yes, but the compiler didn't show the icon I'm going to compile your example and see what happens
  4. How do you add in the emogi, when I compile in visual studio in my own code I just get ?? instead of the icon. Do I need to add an extension and how do I add in my own Icons from .svg? Sorry, I'm still a novice.
  5. Possibly not a contender, however, I do hope to make a text focused application which is more like scrivener with additional node based editing found in most applications today. My C++ skills are a little rusty, ( I stopped coding in 2000 and now learning the in-between) but I hope to have something like a working app. It is also a great way for me to get into openGL and learn leadweerks ultra app. Unfortunately my time on this project is limited (writing a game for release to alpha soon) but will be adding ideas here and there when possible. Fortunately I am a trained artist so will also have
  6. Dialogue Creation Editor This is my long term project. D4Dialogue is an application specific editor for story and dialogue creation. In one application a game designer can target a gaming experience toward the player by directly integrating storyboard dialogue with game state functions. The flexibility of the D4d allows for branching, alternative endings and easter egg inclusion AT THE DEVELOPMENT STAGE of game design. Between this application and game code programming, story possibility can be fully explored, organised and exported into game engine code (JSON). By combining conditional
  7. I don't know why, but when I try to open a file from Ultra Engine app, it now opens up Studio 17 and not Studio 19.
  8. That's cool. I'll try and load some into my code.
  9. That's great news, looking forward to seeing it. I'm wanting to put a black and grey checkerboard into a window with openGL would that be something which could go in? I'm working through GL at the moment as it's the first time with this for me. This is what I have done so far.
  10. Hi Josh, really liking App Kit Ultra. A video which is missing is more in depth on how to place widgets into panels and have these widgets interact with other panel content. I'm stuck on how this all works with the event system as it is a little different to using if statements in the code. Also, an example of this in code, where multiple widgets are demonstrated at the same time as would be the norm for an IDE type program.
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