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  1. Making a game 'Saturn 7' currently using CopperCube 6 Pro but nice to see whats going on in LeadWerks also...some better things happening here..

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    2. gamecreator


      For any engine that wants as many customers as possible and can afford to do it, the answer is both.  That's why Unreal has Blueprints, Unity added Bolt and others have their own.  They want the beginner market.  Leadwerks 5 is focusing on the opposite out of necessity and hopefully that will work out.

    3. Marcousik


      Yes hopefully. It's like to buy frozen meals instead of learning to cook.

      I just get totally lost with such things like Bolt or Blueprints, nothing to do, I just can't get in it, looking more difficult to use as to write a simple script and apply it on the entity you want.

    4. gamecreator


      I think our minds are probably just more wired and used to code but I can see how visual scripting is valuable.  Something like detecting the player entering an area and automatically opening a door is very simple with Blueprints, probably simpler and faster than coding, if you know both.

  2. I'm from the CopperCube6 community and currently making a game in it. I can say that to make something decent you really better off using code (javascript in this case) than no coding menu items. The menu item order cant be edited once created nor delete or add new things in between menu selections so very, very limited in making changes along the way - you have to re-enter them all each time if you want to make changes which is crazy. Also using code can allow you to do a tonne more things never imagined in only using drop down menus only. In summary, no coding in CopperCube6 can
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