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  1. I didn't try midjourney yet, but it really interests me. I saw some really cool concept images made with it. However, I've been playing with Dall-e recently for some basic concept images. Here's some test for some Horror Lovecraftian realistic images (I can't remember the actual keywords I've inputed) However, just like @chsch because I wanted some horror related images, I got threaten of being banned from using DALL-E, even though I didn't ask for gory stuff.
  2. Thanks very much. I had the same ideas, but was hoping for a quicker way…
  3. Hello. I'm currently designing how my A.I. will work and one mechanic I would like to implement is to have my monsters go into sleep mode when they are idling and when the light level < n However, I can't find anything inside the API about checking the light levels. Can I retrieve this information with a pick info? Kind regards, Ttiki
  4. Ttiki

    Transparency Effects

    Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it Congrats on your work!
  5. https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Joint_Hinge Does creating a hinge and attaching it to the bone as parent wouldn't work?
  6. Source 2 handles world geometry differently than Source. It doesn't use CSG any more but meshes. Creating a level with Source 2 is more like making a big model (composed of different models). You don't need to create 3 brush to create a doorway now, only one block you cut out and extrude (just like in blender and other modeling software.) That's the reason they could make the world so good, they didn't have the limitation of simple CSGs and could model things directly into the level editor.
  7. Ttiki

    Leadwerks 4 Glass

    I can't get this effect. The phong part is not that hard (thanks to havenphillip), however I can't wrap my head around transparency... Whenever I achieve transparency I get lots of refractions on drugs. Could anyone pinpoint how to get to this result? I'm losing my mind over this one
  8. Hello. I wanted to download some workshop content but the SSL Certificate is invalid. I think it has been forgotten for Steam when it was changed a few days ago for Leadwerks.com
  9. Ttiki


    I know it's an old image / post, but are you using a custom widget for displaying textures with a preview image?
  10. Hello. That's pretty easy to do, you just have to change the background color and pass a Vec4 for each channel (red, green, blue and alpha) Here is a little example in Lua : --A little example of panel creation with a transparent background local panel=Widget:Panel(0,0,64,64,gui:GetBase()) panel:SetBool("border",true) panel:SetObject("backgroundcolor",Vec4(0.15,0.15,0.15,0.75)) --Vec4(r,g,b,a) And here is the result :
  11. Worked well, no problem launching the game. I just had a bug with my mouse being visible at the center of the screen. (And option button is disable in menus.) It looks really promising, can't wait to see what you'll do in the future with this game.
  12. If you post your log, we'll be able to find your problem and help you. (You can find your log inside C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\<YOURGAME'SNAME>.
  13. It didn't change, anything sadly.
  14. I've tried this, it didn't work. Nothing seems to have changed. They still disappear when the player look away. Thank you, I completely forgot about this MyGame example, even though I've played with it a lot. Now, I made some testing, and they work correctly, even stretch out a lot like mine. And I couldn't reproduce the bug. No matter how much I would stretch a decal, it would not disappear. I made sure my materials were set up correctly, even copying the one from the example. But no matter what, mine still disappeared. I've used a technic from the demo and put all origins in the floor to extend the height as much as I could. I've compiled a quick project with everything needed. If you want to try by yourself with my assets. I will let this problem aside at the moment and finish my demo. DecalCullingTest.zip Thank you very much for your help!
  15. Yes, sorry, I forgot to add this information. I'm running with an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660. I also thought it was a culling issue, but I wanted to be sure and see if someone did encounter this bug. I've tried scaling up the height and it kind of worked. However, to fix this issue I would need to make my decals way too high. Of course, I could always subdivide the big lines which cause me problems into smaller bits. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, but I don't know the last question ^^ (IDK what's the MyGame example...) And congrats for your 1600th post!
  16. Hello everyone. I'm working on a new demo for Twisted Minds and wanted to use decals for drawing a path on the floor. (See the screenshot below.) However, whenever the decal entity left the screen, the whole decal disappears. Here is a little video showing this problem. 2021-05-15 15-25-32.mp4 As you can see on the video, I set up the view range to infinite just to test and occlusion culling is disabled. I don't know what I'm missing, if I'm missing something, or if I'm not using decals correctly. Could anyone lighten up my lantern, please? Kindly, Ttiki.
  17. Ttiki

    Linux Test

    Looks pretty good to me. I think all the blurriness is caused by the VM. The checkmark and radio button mark are not high res, though. And the toggle button doesn't give much information about its state. The text lowers a bit, but that's all there is. Toggle off toggle on I used Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS with GNOME version 3.36.8.
  18. When you launch Leadwerks, in your Script folder there is a file called Main.lua. In it you'll be able to change the name of your application's window and change the startup map. import("Scripts/Menu.lua") --Initialize Steamworks (optional) --Steamworks:Initialize() --Initialize analytics (optional). Create an account at www.gameamalytics.com to get your game keys --[[if DEBUG==false then Analytics:SetKeys("GAME_KEY_xxxxxxxxx", "SECRET_KEY_xxxxxxxxx") Analytics:Enable() end]] --Set the application title title="TEMP" --Here, you can change the name displayed on the window. --Create a window local windowstyle = 0 local winwidth local winheight local gfxmode = System:GetGraphicsMode(System:CountGraphicsModes()-1) if System:GetProperty("devmode")=="1" then gfxmode.x = math.min(1280,gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = Math:Round(gfxmode.x * 9 / 16) windowstyle = Window.Titlebar else gfxmode.x = System:GetProperty("screenwidth",gfxmode.x) gfxmode.y = System:GetProperty("screenheight",gfxmode.y) windowstyle = Window.Fullscreen end window = Window:Create(title,0,0,gfxmode.x,gfxmode.y,windowstyle) if window == nil then gfxmode = System:GetGraphicsMode(System:CountGraphicsModes()-1) window = Window:Create(title,0,0,gfxmode.x,gfxmode.y,windowstyle) end --Create the graphics context context=Context:Create(window,0) if context==nil then return end --Create a world world=World:Create() local gamemenu = BuildMenu(context) --Load a map local mapfile = System:GetProperty("map","Maps/start.map") --Here, change Mpas/start.map by the name of your first map you want to load (or rename your first map start.map, your choice) if mapfile~="" then if Map:Load(mapfile)==false then return end prevmapname = FileSystem:StripAll(changemapname) --Send analytics event Analytics:SendProgressEvent("Start",prevmapname) gamemenu.newbutton:Hide() gamemenu.resumebutton:Show() window:HideMouse() else gamemenu:Show() end while window:Closed()==false do --Show game menu when escape key is hit if gamemenu:Hidden() then if window:KeyHit(Key.Escape) then Time:Pause() gamemenu:Show() end end --Update events while EventQueue:Peek() do local event = EventQueue:Wait() event = gamemenu:ProcessEvent(event) end --Handle map change if changemapname~=nil then --Pause the clock Time:Pause() --Pause garbage collection System:GCSuspend() --Clear all entities world:Clear() --Send analytics event Analytics:SendProgressEvent("Complete",prevmapname) --Load the next map if Map:Load("Maps/"..changemapname..".map")==false then return end prevmapname = changemapname --Send analytics event Analytics:SendProgressEvent("Start",prevmapname) --Resume garbage collection System:GCResume() --Resume the clock Time:Resume() changemapname = nil end if gamemenu:Hidden() then --Update the app timing Time:Update() --Update the world world:Update() end --Render the world world:Render() --Render statistics context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) if DEBUG then context:SetColor(1,0,0,1) context:DrawText("Debug Mode",2,2) context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) context:DrawStats(2,22) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) else --Toggle statistics on and off if (window:KeyHit(Key.F11)) then showstats = not showstats end if showstats then context:SetColor(1,1,1,1) context:DrawText("FPS: "..Math:Round(Time:UPS()),2,2) end end --Refresh the screen if VSyncMode==nil then VSyncMode=true end context:Sync(VSyncMode) end
  19. Have you changed your startup map in the main.lua file?
  20. Ttiki


    That's so cool! I'm curious, how did you create the walls, floor and ceiling of the mine? (Displacement or models or something else?)
  21. I've written a script like this one, and it works great. I forget to post my solution here. I just need to find a way to implement a kind of progress bar now(like the Left 4 Dead video example above). Sadly I've been crushed by work lately, so I wasn't able to experiment with my script.?
  22. Ttiki


    I had the same idea not long ago, but I wanted to finish my skybox compiler first before starting development. Can't wait to see the result ?
  23. Yes, my use of while wasn't really a smart move from my part, but I began to be really desperate. And yeah, I didn't check the math for the print ? That sound like a nice way to do this. I will search onto all of this today, hopefully I will understand where I went really wrong. Thank you very much.
  24. Hello everyone. After some frustrations, I've decided to give up and open a post here in hope I could get some help. I would like to make a button which needs to stay pressed for x sec / ms before calling its output. I don't know what my problem is, the script in itself is not complicated, but it seems I can't make it work... If you don't understand what I mean I made a little video which I hope will help you see the goal. rotbuttondemo.mp4 Another video of this kind of action can be found in this video at around 57 sec: I don't really care for the rotation of the button at the moment. I know the math and could easily implement it later. What I'm really interested in is the delay before the output and the detection of the player pressing the button. I've tried using the default button script and the trigger delay script but with no success. I could give you a scrap of code I made if it can help. Script.cleaningtime = 5000 --int "Cleaning time (ms)" function Script:Start() self.enable = true cleantimeleft=0 end function Script:Use() cleantimeleft = Time:GetCurrent() + self.cleaningtime while(window:KeyDown(Key.E))do --while the player is holding its use key down if Time:GetCurrent()>cleantimeleft and self.enable then System:Print("Clean!") self.component:CallOutputs("Used") end end end I don't know what I'm missing out. Whenever I try this the game freezes until the player release the use key... Anyway, thank you very much for the help.
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