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  1. If anyone needs my help to develop them any type of model utilizing any type of polycount resolution send me a p.m. and we can discuss details further. http://www.kevintillman1.wix.com/tillmansart I wish everyone good luck in their endeavors!
  2. Haven't been here in a while. It's glad to speak with some of my friends that I haven't spoken to in a while!

  3. Currently in the design stages of an MMO I will be developing later this year using .Net Sockets.

    1. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Hi Kevin, long time no see! Hope all is going well.

    2. Sooshi


      hi Pixel! Hope all is going well with you as well!

    3. Sooshi


      hi Pixel! Hope all is going well with you as well!

  4. Hey Kevin, whats the progress on that zombie shooter that you were working on? Did you get a site for the game up and running yet? Anyway, your latest art uploads to Werkspace have been terrific. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. People who succeed are those who tackle realistic goals... And I have yet to recieve the proper acknowledgment and respect I deserve, only person who has saluted me was Pixel Perfect and Rick, thank you guys. My mother told me the other day, you keep working hard doing what you are doing, people used to talk **** about Albert Einstein and called him crazy. But yet they would take his ideas and copy his every move and try to use it for their advantage, while all at the same time calling him crazy. How f**kked up is that!? I am not calling myself the next Albert Einstein, but thats
  6. i think you should definetely crop
  7. C++ and C# is the love I never knew existed, XBOX360, me and my dev team are coming for you

    1. Marleys Ghost

      Marleys Ghost

      You switching to XNA?

    2. Lazlo Bonin

      Lazlo Bonin

      Sounded like that.

  8. is starting development on xbox360

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sooshi


      Hey Pixel and Aggror, I am still studying, my mentor told me to go down to 15 hours since I learned some things quickly. I am starting on my first xbox360 game while finishing up my lessons on writing my own software

    3. Richard Simpson

      Richard Simpson

      Cool! Will you be using leadwerks? Or is that not possible?

    4. Sooshi


      Hi Richard, no I will not be using Leadwerks


  9. Flexman I am extremely impressed. You are very sensible in how you do things, 5 stars.
  10. 2 more days

    1. Lazlo Bonin
    2. Mumbles



      Surely you must be counting down to something else.

  11. thank you for your advice pixel

  12. cannot wait to learn how to make my own software

  13. wish me luck pixel, I will personally let you know what all I have learned in these 2 months...if im not dead lol

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