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  1. I'm interested to see how a legit demo will fare with this early engine version.
  2. wadaltmon

    Editor WIP

    Are those vpks I see? Able to access models and other resources therein?
  3. Displayed as intended, but once I closed it, Windows Defender recognized it as a trojan and automatically deleted the exe.
  4. The mention of Code::Blocks on Linux triggered my fight or flight response. Horrible times with that in college. That was on 16.04 though; looks like Linux/Ubuntu has developed pretty well in the meantime. If we get Ultra Engine on Linux, could be fun to try and dual boot and develop for cross platform.
  5. In the context of UAK in a vacuum, C#/Lua (though it wouldn't be for me, I just know a lot of people would benefit). EDIT: Should've added before, if the choice is on the table, I'd rather see the 3D engine before more UAK stuff.
  6. Really liking VR lately. Wondering if I should try starting a project before the final version of the engine comes out, or wait until the final version. 

  7. And this becomes the case just by setting the physics mode to Entity::CharacterPhysics (2) and the collision mode to Collision::Character (3)? It continues even when using a different collider than the default?
  8. The SetInput function interests me, as it seems like it has a lot rolled into it that allows it to take the place of many lines of code, but doesn't block other functions from working in tandem with it. There are a few functions that it overrules (as stated in the documentation), but it provides acceleration, velocity, and rotation for a character while seemingly also overriding the default physics behaviors associated with force applied to a Model or Entity with a given collider applied. On that note, it also seems that it doesn't give you a maximum velocity; for if I use the SetInput functio
  9. Now these new collision functions are top tier. Exactly what I'm looking for. Would love to get a chance to beta test and try them out.
  10. I think that's what @JMK was referencing above, though directly via the Newton objects rather than through the Leadwerks collision API. Doing it as you suggest wouldn't give me the collision information, though, I believe - I'd still end up having to do multiple raycasts on each side to determine if the player is wallrunning. It seems like with the above mentioned new LW5 functions, I'd be able to know the closest point in the overlapping area of the collision shapes, and enact a single raycast from the center of the player object to that point to get the Face*, find the normal (at least, I'm
  11. If I want to get LW5 beta access/begin a subscription, how can I go about doing so? Can I opt in somehow?
  12. I am not a beta tester, but if these functions are in the Turbo/LW5 beta, I'd certainly like to be. Is there a way I can opt in?
  13. The C++ Math::Cos function seems to be broken for me? If I put in any number from 0-360, times pi divided by 180, it always comes out with something above 0.99. Wot?

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    2. wadaltmon


      Hm, didn't know it took degrees. Even so, putting in a degree value (that is, whole numbers 0-360) makes it in fact produce large numbers, the lowest of which being 4. I have no idea why this would be. Anyway, I just switched over to using the regular sin() and cos() functions, which work fine.

    3. gamecreator


      Tested it.  Works fine for me.  Make sure you provide a float or double as the argument.  For example the following all print 0.5:

      float f=60;
      double d=60;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(60.0) << endl;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(f) << endl;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(d) << endl;


    4. wadaltmon


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Leadwerks, which seems to have fixed the issue (why this would have affected it, I don't have any clue).

  14. If I create my player's model by Model::Create(), is the Shape associated with that of a known size and type? Can I use that shape? If not, how do I change the shape of the collision model for the player without making a visible model that follows the player around all the time? I tried making a Shape* Cylinder of a given size, and using playerObject->SetShape(), but that didn't seem to change the collision model - it only created a separate visible model.
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