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  1. FaceVR


    FaceVR is a decentralized social media platform design to change and connect people around the world. Welcome to TRON network the decentralized entertainment protocol allowing developers to free themselves from centralized servers. FaceVR is developed around the TRON Protocol to enable the mass adoption of decentralized social media in combination of the Likes Network to produce cryptocurrencies from Likes and Dislikes totaling over 200 quintillion tokens in a fair availability to all your social media recognition not only becomes profitable but also truthful because the data can be track
  2. I agree that's what it seems like to me I'm still new to this so I may not be able to explain it as well was going to see if I can find out where it grabs the data from create new integer and fake it's relation into orientation of the headset. I'm using Room Scale on HTC Vive + Network Adapter - I'll test the standing still setting later to see if it works.
  3. Here's what it looks like inside a normal window just for reference. 2019-04-28 20-14-36.mp4
  4. I tried the low setting - still no luck - here's a short clip to get an idea when I turn my headset 90 degrees the water turns with the hmd prespective as well. 2019-04-28 18-10-58.mp4
  5. Hi I'm new and started editing the VR tutorial built a cool map everything looks fine while in the application window but when I put my headset on the water, fog, and spotlights are fixed to my headsets camera so when I move my head the entire block of water moves with it its trippy and funny but I'm looking thru the script to fix this but figured you wouldn't want this to roll out by default but maybe I'm doing something wrong as well I started a new project with the VR Tutorial and still the same result. I love Leadwerks tho I'm having a lot fun! thank you!
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