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  1. I was thinking about using imgui for things like graph plotting and lines with in the UAK, the main editor would be build using UAK where as imgui only in a few renderable panels for quick out of the box ready widgets freely available online such as implot etc. But I am liking the customizable widgets demo that josh shared, playing with it at the moment. The only thing for me for now lacking in UAK is the ability to draw lines, bezier curves / shapes etc. Once those are in it will be a complete solution for me without any 3rd party library.
  2. Its more than enough for me for now. I understood the concept, ran the code everything worked fine, also modified the code to add 2 buttons in a single widget which also worked perfect. I have some ideas that i will be testing using this system for the next few days will let you know if i face an issue. Thanks for the help.
  3. I discovered a few bugs with tree view scrolling in resizable window, I set the layout to (1,1,1,1) in order resize it with the window. The bug is demonstrated in the following video. https://youtu.be/6wUIF0_orUQ
  4. Yes at the moment I am thinking about combining app kit with imgui rendered in directx as directx is what I use mostly instead of opengl. Also I digged into widget blocks and tried to make them work with panel but couldnt get it working, so I will look forward to when you document it. Thanks.
  5. Hi Josh, I got the ultra app kit on the store, went through the documentation and all the videos and tested it in visual studio, it is great and really helpful. I find that the sdk removes a lot of the headaches that come up in native programming. Though I have a few requests, in the kickstarter video of the ultra app kit you mentioned creating your own widgets, but I cant seem to find anything in the documentation that explains how to create custom widgets etc, so if a video explaining that would be very helpful. Also I find that ultra app kit might need some functions that allows t
  6. What are the licensing terms for ultra app kit if I preorder it? and how stable is it at the moment, like can I start using it to build a desktop application or do you think that it would be more wise to wait a little till its full release, I am just interested in desktop windows application the feature set mentioned on store without stretch goals. Thanks.
  7. m.yuneeb90


    I hope that turbo has some sort of tool development framework using the editor gui in c++ so that we can create our custom tools for the type of game we need and our editor tool can help us speed up the development process, I think turbo's speed should not only be limited to performance as sales pitch, it should also be linked to speedup of development processes, and the editor toolkit can be a good indicator towards it. This editor tool development system might be linked to plugin system. I am pretty new to leadwerks just purchased it this past saturday and on one day of use, I think this is
  8. Basically lights emitting from the mesh shape and accurately reflecting on the surfaces, like the following examples, https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/21/real-time-line-and-disk-light-shading-with-linearly-transformed-cosines/
  9. Looking Nice, just my two cents dont you think that there should be gaps btw the reflection rects as seen in the light strip. Also do you have plans of implementing area lights in the turbo engine?
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