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  1. Thank You, i will check this out. Then, i will go to the learn section.
  2. @Slastraf Thank you for your reply, indeed this is more neat to have only one camera that change position when i hit the trigger. Ok now in my scene, i have only one camera, a cube as trigger and a pivot placed as the second camera, what next? How to make them working together?
  3. Hello, i am working on a game in the style of Resident Evil with fixed camera angles, i actually have a room with 1 cube as trigger and 2 cameras placed at different points of view, and actually when i start the game the first camera is active but i want the second camera become active when i hit the trigger, or maybe only one camera that change it's position when i hit the trigger. I want to learn LUA, the problem is, there is no serious tutorial on Internet or i didn't find one yet. Thank You
  4. Hello there, i found a little bug when a run my game, at first it's pixelated but when i press "Escape" to do a pause and then > Options and click on "Apply", the render become ok, and no longer pixelated. He is two screenshots for comparison: Before click on "Apply". After "Apply" is clicked. Can you explain me why? It's like when the game is started, the options (Antialias etc...) are not enabled until we click on "Apply". Thank You
  5. randomdude Hi, i am working on a Resident Evil like game with fixed camera angles and i was looking for a script to switch my camera with another one and i found this topic, i don't know how to use your script, can you explain me step by step how to do it, i have already 2 cameras in my room and a cube as trigger. Thank You
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