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  1. I haven't finished it yet, but it is still in the works.  I will be finishing it off once I finish my terrain shader for Leadwerks 5.  After that I'll see if the grass works with the Leadwerks 4 terrain and then upload it.  Basically all I need to do is get the grass to appear on a grass texture layer and use that same texture to colour, scale and rotate each blade.

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  2. Defiantly not being called somewhere else, I commented out all my code in  the loop except this;

    void cGame::Loop()
    	while (MainFrame::window->Closed() == false && ExitGame == false) {
    			auto _event = GetEvent();
    			if (_event.id != EVENT_NONE) {
    				Confirm("Somthing Else");

    It only showed the message box when the window was being created and moved.  I'll see if I can put together a small project and upload it.

  3. Quote

    Because of these different usages, you must manually insert events like mouse movements into the GUI in order for it to process them:

    while true do
    	local event = GetEvent()
    	if event.id == EVENT_NONE then break end
    	if event.id == EVENT_MOUSE_DOWN or event.id == EVENT_MOUSE_MOVE or event.id == EVENT_MOUSE_UP or event.id == EVENT_KEY_DOWN or event.id == EVENT_KEY_UP then


    I don't quite understand how to get the events to the widgets?  I'm using C++, are there any other examples floating around?

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  4. Is this the correct naming?

    	"root": "PBR.json",
    					"vertex": "Landscape.vert.spv",
    					"geometry": "Landscape.geom.spv",
    					"fragment": "Landscape.frag.spv"


    All stages compile and the vert & frag work, but the geometry shader seems to be skipped.  Changes to it don't take effect.

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