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Lethal Raptor Games

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    Computer graphics; games programming; flying; metal and wood working; story writing; submarine building (see blog); and AI.

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  1. How should I release a models surface at run-time?

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    2. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      How else can I remove it then?

    3. Josh


      You can't! What do you need this for?

    4. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Well that sucks. I'm making an infinite terrain generator. Each surface is a patch, seeing as I can't remove vertices in a surface I want to remove a surface then recreate it at a high or lower resolution. Can commands to achieve this be made? It seems surfaces lack a lot of a speed and flexibility that comes with using straight VBO's.

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