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Lethal Raptor Games

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    Tas, Australia
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    Computer graphics; games programming; flying; metal and wood working; story writing; submarine building (see blog); and AI.

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  1. Is there a way to tell how many people have download your game?  ...getting curious ;)

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    2. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Ah so that's what it does... thanks :D

    3. gamecreator


      I used the tongue smiley because you have to build it into your game ahead of time and I assume you haven't yet so it's not useful to you right now.  But as soon as you do, you can get very very useful information: how many people collect how many whatevers, how far people get, how long does it take to beat each boss and how many tries it takes people, etc. etc.

    4. Lethal Raptor Games

      Lethal Raptor Games

      Yeah I haven't yet.  I'll consider it for the next build.  The info will be very useful.

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