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  1. is there any updated videos on how to use it? plus can you use it for VR games
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows if leadwerks will be supporting stand-alone VR headset in the future like the Oculus quest or the Google VR solo head set plus will it support mobile game development or no?
  3. Hello I was wondering if in the future or sooner are you planning on adding a visual script like blueprints for unreal 4 or like play maker for unity? I think I would be a good idea to add something like that for non coders or people who want to make games with this but don't know how to code?
  4. Hello I was wondering if you could maybe add new video tutorials on making a game in leadwerks maybe in general or for VR games to possibly social VR games like RPG MMOs and stuff? I was also wondering with the graph editor game you make some VR tutorials on that as we? And last mabye so videos on how to impport models from blender 2.8 or something like that?
  5. Hey all I was wondering is it possible to make an AR (Augmented Reality) game with leadwerk also does the game engine support leap motion yet.
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