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  1. Hello, everyone! How can I make my enemy status (Idle, roaming, attack etc) to be displayed on the screen? I know that the window context is defined in the Main.lua but how to get the context from the MonsterAI.lua for example?
  2. Actually, your code makes an error in Math:Curve which is argument #3 is nil, number expected. But it is actually not nil. WTF self.swayspeed = Math:Curve(speed,self.swayspeed,10)
  3. Thank you guys, the triangulation helped me to make model looks great!??
  4. Hello. There is seems to be a problem with FBX export of my model. The first picture is how is it looks like in Blender, and on the second - Leadwerks model. So what could I do with that issue?
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