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  1. Mr_SquarePeg

    Editor WIP

    I really like how it looks.:)
  2. I do not even know What the **** is going on Who Acquired Title As
  3. Good to hear that nothing special will be required to run and it will run well in Virtual Reality. I am on a MSI 570 8GB Video Card so hopefully it will be sufficient for this.
  4. Hey @JMichaelK Got a few questions about your Voxel ray tracing implementation - 1. What hardware is required to run this? 2. Does this work well in Virtual Reality? 3. Does this work well for large worlds?
  5. I shared this in the Quake modding discord server since you mentioned quake 3 mapping a few times. Hopefully it drives some more interest into turbo
  6. Why not make it a plugin for Turbo or would that not be feasible?
  7. So I posted this in the Lead Werks discord and I might as well post it here. https://coherence.io/
  8. Hey bit of heads up but check out UVMagic in the blender addons. It makes UV Mapping a breeze.
  9. Mr_SquarePeg


    Hey Josh - Have you seen this book? http://www.pbrt.org/
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