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  1. can someone send me all the files of leadwerk because of some reason i cant download all the files at steam and when i verify the files it says everything is complete
  2. right now i got another problem i dont have players folder icant add players
  3. ok i fixed the problem by uninstaling and downloading again i dont know what have been changed because i already done this multiple times but it worked this time
  4. Syncing Workshop Items... Initializing OpenGL graphics driver... OpenGL version 460 GLSL version 460 Device: GeForce GT 740M/PCIe/SSE2 Loading texture "C:/Users/xdagl/OneDrive/Belgeler/Leadwerks/Projects/a/Materials/Common/bfn.tex"... Loading shader "C:/Users/xdagl/OneDrive/Belgeler/Leadwerks/Projects/a/Shaders/Editor/terraintool.shader"... Error: Failed to load shader "C:/Users/xdagl/OneDrive/Belgeler/Leadwerks/Projects/a/Shaders/Editor/terraintool.shader" Loading shader "C:/Users/xdagl/OneDrive/Belgeler/Leadwerks/Projects/a/Shaders/Editor/wireframe.shader"... Error: Failed
  5. ok i made it verify the files again and it worked i found the materials which folder should i copy them
  6. i dont have that folder i tried to uninstall but didnt have it after download
  7. my antivirus program is off too but still the same issue
  8. when i try to open a new project this error appears i tried to uninstall and install 2 times stil same problem (i was having black screen problem before that when i uninstall and install this error come up) Help pls (i dont use cyrilic alphabet my computer is us english) (it says lots of error when i try to create a file but is still creates and when i try to open that file i cant see anything expect darkness)
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