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  1. 1 download

    Fight Waves of enemies in rounds, collect an upgrade after every round.
  2. Fight Waves of enemies in rounds, collect an upgrade after every round. View full game
  3. Last update before I go on vacation for a couple weeks and in time for Halloween. This update includes the following changes and additions: - Updated the enemy sound to mono to get that 3d sound. Now you can tell where the enemies are spawning from by ear. - Modified weapon upgrade color system. - Removed Jet Pack and Double Jump. - Added a gore system and gib's. *Instagib when the weapon damage is more than the enemy health, plus a bit (can be seen in the second half of the update video) - Added weapon recoil biased on weapon attributes. that's about it, enjoy and good luck!
  4. Thanks gamecreator and Josh, I used SetOmega in the Start function and it works perfectly. I'll try playing with AddTorque on my next project, which I think I want to try something like Descent and Forsaken 64. self.entity:SetOmega(Vec3(math.random(-8, 8), math.random(-8, 8), math.random(-8, 8)), true)
  5. An idea might be to set a variable for a velocity to use on Turn, and subtract form it over time to simulate a dying spin. then once you collide you need to stop that update and let physics take over?
  6. I was making some gibs right now and got stuck at an initial spin to the entity. Is there a way to set a rotation velocity?
  7. I've done lots of this tile editing work in 2d games. But in those you just had a array of x and y, and a bunch of textures that updated depending on the texture beside it as you changed the arrays interger. Usually a tile sheet, like a sprite sheet, so it was easier to keep tack and figure out the math when you had to change textures when drawing corners or odd shapes. the idea here is very different in 3d because the land could have hills or spikes. Id look into the Source engine approach where you have a multi-layered texture and manipulate the alpha on the highest layer at vertices.
  8. Executing file "E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Leadwerks Game Launcher/Game/Scripts/GUI/Panel.lua" Loading font "C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/Arial.ttf"... Lua Error: [string "E:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Leadwerks Game Launcher/Game/Scripts/GUI/Panel.lua"]:52: attempt to call method 'GetStyle' (a nil value) Process complete. This is the error I get in the log when I try to run my published game in the game launcher. I've tried adding a GetStyle function to "Panel.lua", which doesn't have one, but I'm not sure thats the case or what it would want to be returne
  9. It was your YouTube comment that pretty much nudged me into joining the forum and showcasing this small project. Thanks Angelwolf. And Thanks Josh, big thank you for pointing out the backup system. I've updated the project with a weapon model, game play tweaks and more sound effects and music. I might be able to get one more small update in by next weekend to complete the project.
  10. Thanks! Also noticed that the scripts loaded default scripts and kept my edits as backup scripts. I'm back on track.
  11. I know this is a old topic but this just happened to me today. I was working on adding AI nav points for the AIMonsters. I opened the FPS project to reference how it was made, then went back to my project, this made a temp.map in my game folder (don't know if that has any relevance to the bug but I just added that anyway). I reopened my project, and loaded up my main map and changed the code for my roundmanager, that spawns clones of a crawler, to set their individual self.target to the nearest target pivot. Test running this crashed the game. I tried moving the point around a bit and it didn'
  12. Downloaded it twice to make sure, I think the zip file was corrupt, crashes or ends at the end of level 2. the first time I ran out of ammo and jumped past enemies to find more but the second time I cleared it like a champ. I like how were both making old id inspired projects I see you one-up'ed them by making a chaingun-shotgun, very nice! It plays well.
  13. I updated the original post to include a link to the standalone version. I didn't realize that the main.lua had to be modified to load the main.map, by default the code has a map called start.map, maybe I missed that somewhere when I began making the project. Another thing I'm not sure about is why the Community Workshop version launches and closes right away.
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Jason and this is my first project in Leadwerks. I started working on it just before the start of October after watching the LUA scripting tutorial series. I have some coding background in c++ so the shift to LUA wasn't so tough, I can't wait to start working with Leadwerks and the c++ pro version after this little project. The project is called Dread Loop and its a enemy wave survival mixed with rogue like elements. The mixture I was going for was Doom mixed with Binding of Isacc. As great as that sounds I don't think its a close to that cool as I wanted it
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