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  1. Oh cool I wasn't aware that shaders could deform geometry. Thanks!
  2. Would I be able to make alternate shapes of my model in v5 that deform a character before bone deformations so I can make them smile / frown / speak / etc? The attached video clip shows how helpful morphs can be. Mouth_Rig.MP4
  3. Hello! My 3D modeling/animation software just got a cool new update. I am curious if Leadwerks supports two features that were added to my 3D program: 1. UDIM mapping, a more structured approach to UV mapping. 2. Principled BSDF materials. A new(ish) material standard with built-in fresnel reflections and other goodies. I think it's also called PBR for some reason? Thanks for your time!
  4. It seems that Steam is the only place to buy it right now.. At least that's how it seems from this website. That's kinda weird if you can only upgrade non-Steam versions.
  5. Okay that is doable. Thanks for the info and for being a straight shooter.
  6. Okay.. I will not get the C++ DLC then until there has been an announcement of how v5 will roll out. If v5 doesn't make it to Steam I'd have to buy it twice to get v5 with C++. I can focus on building assets & animations more than building code for now. When you say it is a long way away, do you mean six months?
  7. Hello, I purchased Leadwerks on Steam and from what I have seen about version 5 it looks very promising. I wanted to know if v5 will be made available to Steam Leadwerks owners either with a free upgrade or a DLC upgrade. A friend told me that v5 will not be on Steam and it is a fully separate thing. If that is the case and I want to use Leadwerks v5, then buying the C++ Professional version DLC on Steam would be a waste of money because I would have to buy it again for the Non-Steam edition of Leadwerks v5. Can someone who fully knows how v5 will be deployed clarify this issue fo
  8. Okay I've got the low-poly (2892 trigons) model made and I projected over the colour, specular and normal maps. Way cool. The process was quite involved and I learned a lot making it. Check out the MPEG4 animation below the wireframe image! EDIT: I used XNormal instead of ZBrush.. It gave better results and the MPEG4 below is now the XNormal version. Shotgun_LowPoly.MP4
  9. Ah yes... that works. Interesting how it can use the alpha in two different ways. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I am making a shotgun model.. Here's a look at the high resolution model. As you can see, the barrel has a fluted (holy) piece around it. I was modeling a low-poly version but these darn holes are introducing so many polygons. In my 3D software it has a thing called "clip maps" that are black and white images.. Whatever is mapped as white does not render. If I could make something like a clip map for this part of the gun, I could get away with so many fewer polygons. Is this possible in Leadwerks?
  11. Okay I think I am done modeling the shotgun. This is the high resolution model, not suitable for the game engine. Time to retopologize it and bake out the textures / normals. EDIT: See updated MP4 below
  12. More progress on my shotgun. Sexy procedurally-generated walnut stock! (See updated MP4 below)
  13. Yeah I've been thinking a lot about this.. I think with two-handed weapons the character from the neck-down would need to be turned roughly 45 degrees so the weapon can comfortably aim straight ahead. This would also need it's own kind of walk animation.
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