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  1. Okay, but it's not my project, i downloaded this in this topic and updated to newer version of leadwerks (4.6), but i fixed it. I use this example project, because i needed it to learn tolua bridge.
  2. THANK YOU, MR OPTIMUS JOSH, FOR YOUR HELP IN GLUE CODE! 😀 All ok, but when i use Debug breakpoint this doesn't work properly, or application of game closed without error or i have this error of Visual C++
  4. It compiled, but i got this error
  5. I have many errors
  6. i readed it, but I didn't understand anything otherwise I wouldn't write there about this
  7. oooh.... Okay, for example, i wrote function in App.cpp void App::Test(lua_State* L) { System::Print("TEST FUNCTION"); } in .h file i wrote in public functions this: virtual void test(lua_State* L); in test lua file i wrote this: function Script:Start() App:test() end but it doesn't work. What am I missing to make this work? It's test function, i know lua language, but I need to rewrite part of the Lua code into C ++, but I don’t know how to call my custom C++ by lua. That's why I started with simple functions, but I can'
  8. How exactly can i use it?
  9. I want to call C++ function by lua but i don't know how to do it
  10. Hello, i write code by lua but i need to use C++ because it need for my project. I searched the Internet for information about this and found only vague references or something that did not suit me for leadwerks. I learned how to call lua functions via C ++ via the Interpreter, but that's not what I need. If someone can provide a simple project (with text output to the console, for example) or a clear explanation with examples, I will be very grateful!
  11. Hello. We have been developing our game on Leadwerks 4.7 for a long time, but now we are faced with such an unsolvable problem, which you can see in the screenshot. Problem is in appearance of a strange phantom shadow line extending over the entire level. The engine version doesn't matter, I got the same bug on a completely empty project with Leadwerks 4.1-4.5 Even when adjusting the Density of Vegetations, this shadow line just moves to another part of the level. Please help me fix it.
  12. Hello, when i use Environmet Proble and place on the map Light with "volume effect" and "Cast shadows" i get next result when this light is in the frame If i set "Cast Shadows" to "None" or i set "Volume effect" to 0.0, this bug disappears
  13. Mr Josh, i update my leadwerks to 4.6 beta, but car isn't still moving. When do you fix it?
  14. Thanks, Mr Josh!
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