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  1. Okay, but it's not my project, i downloaded this in this topic and updated to newer version of leadwerks (4.6), but i fixed it. I use this example project, because i needed it to learn tolua bridge. Shooter.zip
  2. THANK YOU, MR OPTIMUS JOSH, FOR YOUR HELP IN GLUE CODE! ? All ok, but when i use Debug breakpoint this doesn't work properly, or application of game closed without error or i have this error of Visual C++
  4. It compiled, but i got this error
  5. I have many errors Source.zip
  6. i readed it, but I didn't understand anything otherwise I wouldn't write there about this
  7. oooh.... Okay, for example, i wrote function in App.cpp void App::Test(lua_State* L) { System::Print("TEST FUNCTION"); } in .h file i wrote in public functions this: virtual void test(lua_State* L); in test lua file i wrote this: function Script:Start() App:test() end but it doesn't work. What am I missing to make this work? It's test function, i know lua language, but I need to rewrite part of the Lua code into C ++, but I don’t know how to call my custom C++ by lua. That's why I started with simple functions, but I can'
  8. How exactly can i use it?
  9. I want to call C++ function by lua but i don't know how to do it
  10. Hello, i write code by lua but i need to use C++ because it need for my project. I searched the Internet for information about this and found only vague references or something that did not suit me for leadwerks. I learned how to call lua functions via C ++ via the Interpreter, but that's not what I need. If someone can provide a simple project (with text output to the console, for example) or a clear explanation with examples, I will be very grateful!
  11. Hello. We have been developing our game on Leadwerks 4.7 for a long time, but now we are faced with such an unsolvable problem, which you can see in the screenshot. Problem is in appearance of a strange phantom shadow line extending over the entire level. The engine version doesn't matter, I got the same bug on a completely empty project with Leadwerks 4.1-4.5 Even when adjusting the Density of Vegetations, this shadow line just moves to another part of the level. Please help me fix it.
  12. Thanks, Mr Josh!
  13. Hello, when i use ReleaseTableObjects function in my project and change map, console in the editor show message "Possible reference count error for asset" for all objects in table. For example, this are textures,sound and etc. I create new project and test it. This happened in new project. ?
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