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  1. Well, I found the solution to my nightmare. I just have to disable occlusion culling in the camera. And that solved it Culling false Culling True Culling On Camera.mp4 Culling False TEMP 2021-07-24 21-43-36.mp4
  2. Well, Josh you are right, in the absence of knowledge I tend to get obsessed with some things. But I'm reassured that you mention that. So on any user's computer with a more powerful computer that won't be so obvious. But what does have me thinking is that in the leadwerks example that doesn't happen, so I'm starting from optimizing this. But you are absolutely right.
  3. I think I am going the way of many in the aspect of creating a map with Leadwerks. One thing I have noticed is that if I use very small chunks for walls, like a lego, in the graphical aspect the Occlusion culling system is much more evident when I rotate the camera. So possibly the solution is to create with bigger joke elements for a corridor and avoid small parts. 328379169_TEMP2021-07-2013-21-18.mp4
  4. TEMP 2021-07-17 22-27-39.mp4 I have managed to reproduce the error at the example level, this is a lot of perseverance to solve something. The error is evidently with the skybox that is implemented in the level. However it strikes me the intention that it is only reproduced in this one place. That is to say the rest of the map does not present this error. So what I see in this and is that the corridors should not be so closed, it's just what I can think of at the moment. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. This is a mystery, it continues to work correctly even if I put a skybox. I don't know what is going on.
  6. Hey, the question is: How do I do the buffering, what is the command, I am looking at the fps player file but I don't see anything. I only found this.
  7. My level.mp4 Sample Leadwerks.mp4
  8. I remain concerned. It turns out that in the Leadwerks example in the first person shooter game, this does not happen. In my level, with brushes only, the flaw is more than obvious, so I think I'm missing something.
  9. I should add something, this does not happen in the editor as such. It only happens when I run the game in development mode. Possibly it is because I am running the editor and the game instance as such. So possibly the problem is solved when I launch the game standalone without the editor. I am using a GTX 1050ti
  10. I am creating a level with the brushes, however I am encountering certain drawbacks, such as the camera turning in another direction, walls and entities suddenly appearing. It is as if they were not there, and with the turning of the camera the process is visualized when they begin to be drawn on the stage. Any recommendation to implement a correct level mapping? Thank you.
  11. I can't figure this out, it obviously doesn't work for me. Charrua makes this comment. Each joint has a number of parameters controlling its geometry. An example is the position of the balland- socket point for a ball-and-socket joint. The functions to set joint parameters all take global coordinates, not body-relative coordinates. A consequence of this is that the rigid bodies that a joint connects must be positioned correctly before the joint is attached. That is, when I create the joint, for example the hinge joint, I find three parameters, which refer to the axis that
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