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  1. Goodbye for the last time. i wish you all well, and was thinking of returning to LE3, but i am fed up by the blinkered attitudes of some.

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    2. macklebee


      so now he is autistic? with a side of bull****e tourettes? jeebus, maybe he is just a prickish troll that has been warned several times to knock it off?

    3. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      ..i would like to see thread where all this came from..any link..?

    4. macklebee


      its not just one thread really NA... its years of mika derailing threads, making ridiculous claims as fact, etc... people get tired of it... but the thread in question is here: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/5829-facts-about-le3/

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