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  1. Guess a number by shooting mortars into the enemy camp. Features: Amber AI (specialized version of Mimic AI) Natural speech engine Gives hints to the player Player can talk to Amber besides entering number guesses hi what (to repeat what amber last said) yes no [*]3D GUI [*]FPS movement with mouse only [*]Difficulty increases with each round View full game
  2. Canardian

    Linux Graphics

    I think the user should only debug his own game code related bugs, and rest assured that the engine is bug free Yes, for engine level debugging such LLVM debugger is better than gdb, but that's what unit tests are invented for also.
  3. Canardian

    Linux Graphics

    If you do a google search on "how to debug games", the first answer is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debug_menu There are some really nice benefits of using a in-game debug menu: 1) You can debug the game even with rarely occuring bugs, when the remote user sends you a screenshot of the menu (or presses some button to send the error report to you). 2) You have the same debug menu on every platform, and don't need to setup complicated debuggers for mobile and other platforms. 3) You can be sure that you are debugging the same code which caused the error, and not some debug compiled
  4. Canardian

    Linux Graphics

    I wouldn't say so, because that's what most game developers do: they add a debug hug (which actually was also in LE2 built-in into Framewerk), so they can see the behaviour of different variables in difference scenarios and over longer time. Can't do that by looking at single-step debug code.
  5. Canardian

    Linux Graphics

    I haven't had any problems using a Notify() (SDL_MessageBox) function in GNU C++ as debugging too. Usually debug code behaves differently then release code (often debug code does not show the error at all), so there is no point debugging something different than what is having the problem.
  6. Canardian

    Linux Graphics

    Yay, finally LE works with Code::Blocks and GNU C++ again!
  7. Google translator itself has also speech.
  8. Yes, your main function will work as usual, including its command line parameters. Your main function should be always: int main(int argc, char* argv[]) Don't use variations of this, for example argv**, because they are not compatible with some 3rd party libs.
  9. There an much easier way, just insert this line into your source code, no need to change compiler settings or change the main function: #pragma comment(linker, "/SUBSYSTEM:windows /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup")
  10. IP board sucks, they have major problems even in their core version and they don't care to fix them. I would suggest a bare Debian server with Apache+PHP+SQLite3 and do your own forum. There is no good forum on the planet. If you use an existing one, you get spammed nonstop (because they spammer have robots for all existing forums), so better make your own with a spam protection which no human can guess. For example questions like: who is Jesus (and the answer is of course: Sirius).
  11. Some people don't upgrade their software if it works fine. New versions usually bring new bugs and new problems. The only reason I upgraded from XP to 7 was because my new PC had 16GB RAM. Win7 is still horrible and slow, but at least it can use my RAM. Win8 is even more slow and horrible. I think Microsoft has a clear direction: more horrible, more slow is the goal for the next Windows version.
  12. That's good news! VS2012 is so much better than VS2010, although still not as good as Code::Blocks+MinGW.
  13. With physics you can make a game without arts and game logic. That is of course the extreme end example, but linearly it reduces the costs to make a game when you need arts and more game logic.
  14. Just make the mingw32 version and it runs on all windows, and even in Linux WINE.
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