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  1. you can fix it with blender. use world origin reference
  2. add oxygen limit to limit player movement for exemple if you run you lost more o²
  3. hw can i help for project
  4. ask me if you need help for modeling or other 3d im good on blender 3d
  5. don't forget to add random crash site (satellite , space spaceship...), abandoned site to collect some items
  6. can y please share third person script thanks
  7. it will be nice if you can add more option to edit physics shape : )
  8. Hi, any way to change radius cylinder on physics editor ?
  9. Hi how can i pay with paypal thank y
  10. Hi how can i pay with paypal thank y
  11. Hi, any idea haw can i change mode Chase player (Monster ai) to run away from player. thank y
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