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  1. I think going independent away from Steam is best of interest for this project...that way it can be streamlined, customized to garner faster growth especially if the project team starts offering their own virtual game currency (..maybe with acronym like Le$) that will allow subscribers to buy/invest into the game. That will allow more team members to join the project team.. as for Leadwerks 5 looks promissing especially with PBR being added...
  2. Hi all, am new here and just got leadwerks game engine and just started trying to import 3d models from 3dsMax, but am finding something odd... the exported FBX doesn't look right in the editor... i did another test using Ultimate unwrap3d with leadwerks plugin and the model does look fine on that... its about smoothing groups..no matter which version of FBX I used it looked awful with the exception of FBX from 2013 but still look awful.. am talking about basic simple props... isn't there an MDL export plugin for 3dsMax for this engine? The other issue am finding is multi-sub object materials.
  3. Mostly 3D props but also animated... if possible, then would get the Leadwerks editor but need to know how that will workout for either on your own marketplace accepting Paypal or similiar..
  4. Hello all, been awhile been thinking of wanting to make content for this platform, but need to know whether we are required to register with steam to sell or can we also have our independent stores? The reason I ask cuz Steam doesn't accept Paypal or other methods as payout method and my preferred choice is paypal or similiar.. any thoughts or details about this?
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